Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 26 May 2017 by Crook Primary.

RCR - Alfie White

My pupil of the month is Alfie White. Alfie has shown great progress this month across the board. Alfie has shown himself to be a hard worker in both phonics and maths and has developed a fantastic curiosity that he applies in our topic lessons. Alfie is a very kind and funny little boy, and he always manages to make everybody smile and laugh. He is a brilliant friend to all the children in Reception. I am delighted to have him in my class. Well done, Alfie!


RS - Cody Gale

Cody has had an excellent month. Cody has matured over the school year but all of the staff have noticed a huge difference this month in particular. Cody's attitude to learning has improved significantly and he is always prepared to learn. We are delighted for your improvements Cody, you are now Year 1 ready!!


1L - Jake Bottoms

Congratulations to Jake Bottoms for being 1L's Pupil of the Month. Jake is a valuable member of the class who is very conscientious and always tries his best to improve his work. Jake is a kind friend to many and enjoys having many responsibilities in the classroom. Well done for writing such a fantastic character description using similes and all the non-negotiables; your writing has improved so much and I couldn't be prouder of you. Keep it going!


1N - Sophie Taylor

1N's pupil of the month for May is Sophie Taylor. Sophie is a pleasure to have in class and is a wonderful help. She always comes in with a smile on her face and her effort in class is tremendous. Her progress this year has been wonderful to watch and her handwriting has improved so much since the beginning of the year. Keep up the fantastic work Sophie!


2M - Billy Pears

I am proud to give my pupil of the month to Billy. He is a fantastic role model to his peers by giving 100% effort to everything he does and always displays great behaviour. It is clear that Billy listens well and it is lovely to see that he is becoming more confident in contributing to class discussions. Well done Billy!


2S - Harry Alderson

Harry has shown a complete change in attitude towards school. He is engaged and enjoys contributing to all lessons. Harry strives to do his best and has started to become proud of the achievements he is making. I am really pleased with the progress he has made and hope that this positivity continues. Well done Harry!


3A - Charlie Thompson

Charlie has sometimes found things difficult this year but in the last month I have seen a great improvement in his resilience and independence. Charlie has tried his hardest on his handwriting at school and at home and it is paying off. When things have been a little difficult he has decided to get on with it. Great effort Charlie, keep it up!


3V - Peyton Wilkinson

3Vs pupil of the month goes to a wonderful member of 3V. This young lady makes me proud every single day. She has grown in confidence and shows real resilience and determination in her work. I am so pleased with progress she has made this term and throughout the year. Well done Peyton Wilkinson


4B - Reuben Scott

Reuben is pleasant well motivated class member who displays a positive attitude towards school. He gains much from school life and enjoys taking part in all activities. He is a popular class member who is both liked and respected by his peers. Reuben is always has a smile for everyone; he displays good manners at all times. Over the year his confidence in the use of the computer has continued to grow and he is able to utilise his I.C.T. skills to complement his work in all areas of the curriculum.


4M - Alisha Coleman

4M's Pupil of the Month award goes to Alisha Coleman. Although Alisha has only been in 4M for 2 weeks, she has had such a positive impact on our group and we have all thoroughly enjoyed having her around. Alisha can always be found doing the right thing and she shows such pride in her work! Well done Alisha!


5G - Matthew Jackson

My pupil of the month is awarded to Matthew Jackson. Matthew is a delight to have in the classroom. He is extremely resilient and always works hard to tackle challenges in his work. Matthew is a great friend to have in the classroom and he can put a smile on anybody's face. Well done Matthew, keep up the great work you superstar.


5O - Ellie Ashby

My pupil of the month is Ellie Ashby. She has had a fantastic half-term where she has blown my socks off in our weekly swimming lessons. She should have gills! Ellie is a kind and funny girl who is a friendly and warm member of year 5. Although she has a great sense of humour, she is sensible during lesson time and her behaviour is brilliant. Keep it up Ellie!


6C - Lewis Bainbridge

This month, pupil of the month goes to Lewis Bainbridge. His self-confidence has sky rocketed and he has transformed into a character who strives to achieve. Well done Lewis


6H - Hannah Laverick

Hannah has had the most wonderful month in Year 6. During her SATS she worked her socks off and showed real determination and resilience. Continuing into her writing, Hannah has really persevered in all that she has done! Her writing is now beautiful as she is taking her time and she has perfectly managed to shift her formality between formal and informal. Well done Hannah, I'm proud of you!


6L - Kane Shevels

My Pupil of the month this month is Kane Shevels. Kane has tried extremely hard this month without any complaints. Although we are now finished SATs Kanes attitude to learning has not changed and he is continuing to put in 100% effort to his writing. Well done Kane, keep it up!


Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 26 May 2017 by Crook Primary.

26 May 2017

Pupil of the Week

RCR Harriet Cummings
RS Ella Hawkey
1L Emily Bowden
1N Hollie Poulter
2S Liam Hall
2M Harley Whittaker
3A Erin Ryan
3V Emily McKenna
4B Leah Wilson
4M Shannon Alderson
5G Maria Parker
5O Jayden Baird
All of Year 6

Resilience Awards

R Ethan Wigham
1 Luke Day
2 Kacey Smith
3 Alex Bowden
4 Katie Heslop
5 Lewis Coulson
6 John Kipling

Dojo Awards

R Harriet Cummings
1 Abigail Berriman
2 Kelsey Beadsley
3 Jacob Henderson
4 Dylan Patton, Eve Barnes, Chloe Hingley
5 Emily Mclean, Georgia Harrison
6 Megan Blenkiron