Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 18 May 2018 by Crook Primary.

18 May 2018

Pupil of the Week

RR - Ethan Koch
RS - Dylan Fairgreive
1L - Joshua Scott
1M - Lucy Donaldson
2G - Christy King Belshaw
2N - Reece Slack
3A - Rheilyn Burgess
3F - Symone Meisuria
4M - Devon Clark
4R - Taylor Wilkinson
5O - Aimee Parker
5G - Taylor Nixon
Yr 6 - All the pupils for their amazing effort with SATs

Resilience Award

Rec - Gracie-Lea Henry
Yr 1 - Thomas Watret
Yr 2 - Miss Adlington
Yr 3 - Bethany Tate
Yr 4 - Steven Chapman
Yr 5 - Charlotte Healer
Yr 6 - All the pupils for their hard work, perseverance and determination to do their best

Dojo Champs

Rec - Ethan Koch
Yr 1 - Joseph Morante Closs
Yr 2 - Rhys Mills
Yr 3 - Kate Scott/Kelsey Beasley
Yr 4 - Taylor Reed
Yr 5 - Sarah Frost
Yr 6 - Lucas Henderson


...Magic Maths...

Published on Friday 18 May 2018 by Miss Lee.

Amazing news!

Magical Maths is coming to Crook Primary School with a super fun after school maths club and we would like to invite your child/children to come along and join us for some fantastic mathemagical fun!

We'll be starting the club on Tuesday 5th June at 3.15pm and running on the following Tuesdays at the same time for an hour each week, finishing at 4.15 pm on Tuesday 3rd July.

Magical Maths club is packed full of exciting games and activities that are super fun and highly educational (but don't tell the children!). If you follow this link it will take you to my website where you can see some photos from our clubs, and if you click the Testimonials link you can see some of the fantastic things people have said about our clubs.

Please be aware though, that we do have limited availability and places will fill up fast. The places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so be sure to sign up quickly to secure your spot!

Visit www.magicalmathsclub.com or call 01388 854177 to save your space!

We hope to see you soon,

The Prof! (AKA Lynn)

Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 11 May 2018 by Crook Primary.

11 May 2018

Pupil of the Week

RR - Charlie Agar
RS - Blake Pearson
1L - Leah Hall
1M - LaceyStephenson
2G - Grace Maskell
2N - James L:ongstaff
3A - Leon Thompson
3F - Leah Routledge
4M - Arah Frost
4R - Alex Bowden
5O - Jack Swan
5G - Eve Barnes
6L - Emily McLean
6T - Ellie Ashby

Resilience Award

Rec - Leon Vayro
Yr 1 - Maddison Cavagin
Yr 2 - Leah Hardy
Yr 3 - Zoe Vayro
Yr 4 - Ryan Bennett
Yr 5 - Albert Lonsdale
Yr 6 - Gavin Close

Dojo Champ

Rec - Jessica Knighton
Yr 1 - Savannah Hindmarsh
Yr 2 - Maya Hope
Yr 3 - Bradley Hodgson, Taylor Reed, Viktor Nikolov
Yr 4 - Kallum Callaway, Sarah Frost
Yr 5 - Amy Rose Robinson, Ella Lowes
Yr 6 - Matthew Jackson

Well done to RR Miss Roberts' class for this weeks best class attendance: 100%

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