We're going on a Mini-beast Hunt!

Published on Friday 11 May 2018 by Mrs Fox.

As we have learnt lots of facts about mini-beasts we decided to venture into the nursery garden to find some real life bugs! We searched under logs, in the soil and on leaves and were lucky enough to find slugs, spiders, ants, woodlice, ladybirds, grubs, snails and worms. The children are very confident when talking about what the mini-beasts look like and they were fantastic at solving our mini-beast riddles!

We’re going on a Mini-beast Hunt! We’re going on a Mini-beast Hunt!

We would just like to thank everybody that came along to our stay and play sessions this week and we hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your continued support!

We’re going on a Mini-beast Hunt! We’re going on a Mini-beast Hunt!

Our little rays of sunshine this week are Lilly Reed for being so enthusiastic during our mini beast hunt. She even brought in some snails to show her friends and they found them a lovely new home in the nursery garden! Harry Maskell for his amazing effort writing his name. He's almost cracked it, keep up the hard work! Jude Johnson for always trying his best during our group sessions. Jude is always so enthusiastic and is such a friendly, happy little boy. Well done Jude! Robbie Cleary has had a fantastic week and was a superstar at solving the mini beast riddles. Keep up the good work Robbie! And finally Sam Moss for doing an amazing job with his PECS book and for putting together some simple sentences. Sam will now often comment on what he can see and hear. Fantastic progress Sam!

We’re going on a Mini-beast Hunt!