Scientists and Circuits

Published on Friday 11 May 2018 by Miss Reeve.

Our Science topic has had Year 4 exploring circuits. We can now make a simple circuit to light a light bulb! We have explored conductors and insulators and can even explain why a material may or may not conduct electricity.

Scientists and CircuitsScientists and Circuits

This week we investigated what would happen to the light if we added more than one bulb to a circuit. First we made predictions and ensured that we had a fair test by keeping everything but the amount of bulbs the same. This meant our results could be as accurate as possible.

Scientists and Circuits

To measure the brightness of the bulbs, we used layers of grease-proof paper. We layered the paper over the bulb until we could not see the light anymore. This meant we could record our results and compare them to see if our predictions were correct.

We found that the more bulbs that were added to the circuit, the less grease-proof paper we needed to block the light. We could conclude that this was because we had only one battery in the circuit which was not powerful enough to make the bulbs work. All of our results reflected this so our investigation was very successful!

Great job Year 4.