Year 6

Published on Thursday 13 September 2018 by Miss Oxley.

Year 6 were lucky enough to work alongside Durham Education Business Partnership (DEBP) to develop their enterprise skills.

We were put into groups and had to create origami paper ducks! This was a 'challenge' in itself!

Each team had to decide a role for each member, this consisted of accountants, managers, buyers and sellers. We had to think carefully about our strengths and weaknesses.

Year 6

Throughout the afternoon we had to imagine we were trading for three days, each 'day' we were given a different 'challenge' to complete.

For example: Make a duck family to sell, create ducks of a specific colour and style. The 'sellers' had to use their persuasion skills to convince businesses to buy their product for a certain amount of money.

It was great fun trading and we had to use our financial knowledge to make sure we made a profit! Lucas stated that, "This afternoon will make us used to the pressures you would find in running a real business!"

Year 6Year 6

On the final day of trading (towards the end of the afternoon) within our groups we had to pay back any 'business loans' and discover how successful we had been.

It was a great opportunity with all of the teams making profits ranging from £350 to over a £1000. Jack B summarised the afternoon by saying, "There is no 'I' in team! My team has concentrated and worked hard and we made over £600!"

It was a great experience where we learned to work alongside one another as a team.