The Boys Are Back In Town!

Published on Thursday 6 December 2018 by Miss Macieira.

This week, whilst the girls were in Pixie Protectors, Miss Macieira, Mr Hutchinson and the boys were tackling some difficult challenges! Our first challenge tested our memories. We had to remember a series of different objects and then add our own. We managed to remember a string of TWELVE items!

Our second challenge included a rubber band, string and cups. We had to work together to create a pyramid of cups by carefully grabbing the cups with the rubber band. This proved to be extremely difficult but after persevering and communicating effectively, we all managed to complete the pyramid!

The Boys Are Back In Town!The Boys Are Back In Town!

Our final task involved one of our friends becoming a zombie! Joey the zombie was terrorising the class and moving closer by the second. The only way we were able to stop him was by answering questions given to us correctly!

The Boys Are Back In Town!The Boys Are Back In Town!

We had a really fun afternoon and have learnt that it is definitely better to work together, as it makes challenges much easier!