Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 8 February 2019 by Crook Primary.

8 February 2019

Pupil of the Month

RR Imogen McManus
RS Freddie Cavagin
1L Isabella Cole
1M Fiona Norman
1D Jayden Heslop
2G Leah Hall
2N Izak Best
3A Rosie Beth Hobbs
3F Reece Slack
4M Ebony Snow
4R Kacey Smith
5A Archie Alderson
5T Grace Greenwood
6H Katie Bowron
6L Maddison Bateman
6O Jake Copping

Challenge Awards

RR Alan Robson
RS Andrea Watret
1L Blake Pearson
1M Shay Cavagin
1D Ameila Faith Defty Wallace
2G Brodie Lambert Cousins
2N Mrs Pinder
3A Holly Miller
3F Krystal Bell
4M Thomas Jackson
4R Samantha Davison
5A Charlie Thompson
5T Draven Fairhurst
6L Leah Smith
6O Ella Lowes

Dojo Champs

R Travis Clark
1 Jack Sproat
3 Riley Wright
4 Ellie Coulson
5 Charlie Moses/Alfie Sanderson
6 Annabelle Slack