Robinwood Updates

Published on Monday 27 March 2017 by Crook Primary.

29 March - 2.30pm

The bus journey home begins! All children have been a delight and have showed the school off! We are due back at the lorry park at 3.30. See you all there! We have missed you massively.


29 March - 9am

Let the last day begin! We have saved the best till last - caving!

We should be back at the lorrypark for 3.30pm this afternoon. We have missed you all!


28 March  - 1pm


28 March  - 9am

Night one complete! All children settled and slept well and are excited for the day ahead. We have piranha pool today so hopefully we will all end up with the correct number of fingers and toes! More photos to come once the activities begin.


27 March - 6.30pm

What a start! We have climbed and canoed so far. Great job everyone. 


27 March - 2pm

We have arrived safe and sound at Robin wood, eaten our lunch and we are about to set off onto our first activity. Keep checking back for further updates and photos!

Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 24 March 2017 by Crook Primary.

24 March 2017

Pupil of the Week

RS - Lacey Stephenson
RCR - James Cannon
1L - Evie Abbott
1N - Leah Hardy
2S - Oliver Crute
2M - Leah Routledge
3A - Jessica Scott
3V - Lily Whitaker
4B - Kaitlyn Wilson
4M - Albert Lonsdale
5O - Nathan Warriner
5G - Jadyn Baxter
6L - Tommy Scales
6C - Aaron Barker
6H - Sarah Ferris

Resilience Awards

R - Scarlett Grainger
1 - Megan Palin
2 - Frace Taylor
3 - Charlie Moses
4 - Thomas Stewart
5 - Jack Storey - Plautus
6 - Sonny Longstaff