Shakespeare Festival Success!

Published on Thursday 26 March 2015 by Mrs Gentles.

Year 5 Crook Pupils Were Absolute Stars!

Miss Berry's class performed in the new theatre at King James 1 Academy last week alongside eight other local schools for their parents, teachers, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the local community.

They portrayed their trailer of “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.” Their performance was superb; lively, thought provoking, challenging and entertaining. Fiona Clayton from the RSC praised their work and extremely impressed by the maturity of their performance. She said that the festival is so important to our community and integral to the vision and work of The Royal Shakespeare Company, who do a tremendous amount to support the teaching of Shakespeare in schools across the UK. It's the first time an RSC school has presented a series of live trailers so yet again, we can claim another first for Crook Primary and The County Durham Ensemble of Schools.

Mrs Gentles would like to thank Mr Grieveson, Head Teacher of King James 1 Academy, for inviting us to be the inaugural performance in his new theatre. He was so impressed with our work, he's asked us back next year.

We'd also like to thank all the teachers who have worked tirelessly to edit, produce and direct the children's performances. It's been so worth all the effort and commitment!

But the children were the real stars of the festival. They embraced Shakespeare in its entirety and treated the text as though it had only been written yesterday. We saw some real stars in the making! Well done Year 5!

The excitement isn't over yet as there are plans to bring a really exciting Royal Shakespeare production to Crook Primary very soon………….so watch this space!

You can read more about the event in this article from the Northern Echo.