School Improvement Plan

Overview of School Improvement Plan 2016-17

 To create a mastery curriculum that enriches and enhances opportunities for children.

To increase the number of children at Age Related Expectations and continue closing the gap.

To provide a nurture programme for vulnerable children

To develop nursery provision due to the amalgamation of Crook Nursery with the Primary School.


Overview of School Improvement Plan 2015-16

Our main focus during 2015-16 is to deepen and extend the new initiatives that have been put in place during 2014-15 to ensure that they have maximum impact.
In addition we will do the following:

Achievement and Standards

To implement a new tracking system which reflects the new Curriculum 2014.
To improve teacher’s effectiveness in the use of tracking data to ensure that all pupils have access to appropriate intervention and support.
To improve the percentage of children in line with the expected level of their year group for reading, writing and maths and monitor this closely at Pupil Progress meetings.

Teaching and Learning

To implement programmes of intervention through deployment of additional support staff, ensuring quality, accountability and consistency through careful monitoring of systems and pupil progress.

Behaviour and Safety

To develop whole school resilience including staff, pupils and parents.
To further embed British Values throughout the school ethos.

Leadership and Management

To strengthen relationships between staff and parents to develop academic resilience in order to improve outcomes for children.