Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 31 March 2017 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for March 2017.

RCR - Ava Anderson
Our pupil of the month is Ava Anderson. Ava has shown great resilience throughout March. She is a determined and delightful member of our class. Ava began her year as a very shy and quiet girl but she has since found her confidence and grown immensely. I am thrilled to have Ava in the class.

RS - Jayden Dunn
The pupil of the month this month goes to Jayden Dunn. Jayden has grown in confidence over the academic year and this is particularly evident during March. Jayden is now sharing his ideas and thoughts in front of the class and continues to try his best across the curriculum. I am delighted for you Jayden, keep it up!

1L - Kesha Barker
Congratulations Kesha Barker for being 1L's Pupil of the Month. Your effort and progress this month has been outstanding especially in maths where your attitude to learning is exemplary. You are always sitting and listening well on the carpet and this shows when you go to complete your independent task at the table. Keep it up and you will be flying into Year 2!

1N - Riley Wright
1N’s pupil of the month for March is Riley Wright. Riley is a superstar in my class! He has a mature approach to his work and is a kind and caring member of 1N. Riley’s behaviour is impeccable and he is always the person showing the rest of the class how things should be done. He is always trying to improve his work and this has been shown through his presentation which is now beautiful. Keep up the hard word Riley! Well done!

2M - Ava-Louise Mullinder
Ava-Louise is 2M’s Pupil of the Month. She is always kind, helpful and eager to please whether that is by putting out the chairs first thing in the morning or holding doors open for others. She is growing in independence and confidence and this is beginning to show in her work. Ava-Louise knows exactly how to behave and what is expected of her and is a fantastic role model to her peers. Well done - keep trying your very best in everything that you do!

2S - Summer Thompson
2S pupil of the month is Summer Thompson. Summer has really grown in confidence with her learning this month and has shown a great determination to try and get things right. She is starting to self-correct and check her work which is a great skill to have. Summer contributes to lessons well and loves to share her ideas. She is also extremely helpful and is very good at keeping the classroom in order. A massive help indeed! Well done Summer.

3A - Katie Warriner
Katie is one of the pupils who could earn pupil of the month every month as she has an excellent work ethic and is willing to take risks in order to improve. When she is not successful she does not let this effect her and it only motivates Katie to try harder. Katie is a great member of 3A and is a friend to everyone. Well done Katie!

3V - Alfie Dobson
3V’s pupil of the month goes to a very ambitious young man. He has worked so hard this month to overcome difficulties in maths and spelling. Not only is he working hard at home to enhance his learning he is also making a huge effort in school. I am so proud of his determination and resilience. Well done Alfie Dobson!

4B - Emily Nichol
Emily is a credit to our class! Everything she does-she gives her very best effort. Emily is passionate about learning; this reflects in the work she produces, which is of the utmost standard. When presented with a challenge, Emily is always eager to participate and gives all activities 100%!Mature beyond her years, Emily can be trusted to carry-out any task conscientiously and can be fully relied upon to do so in responsible manner. Well done indeed, Emily!

4M - Chloe Hingley
4M's Pupil of the Month award goes to Chloe Hingley. Chloe is a lovely young lady! Her behaviour is impeccable and she can always be found doing the right thing. This month, her work has improved greatly due to all of the effort she puts in. Well done Chloe!

5G - Patience Stewart
My pupil of the month this month is awarded to Patience Stewart. Patience works hard every lesson and always contributes to class discussions. She enjoys being in the classroom and this is reflected in her work. Her presentation is beautiful and her handwriting immaculate. She cares a lot about how her books look and always shows a great responsibility for her school belongings. Well done Patience.

5O - Ellie Fowler
5O's star pupil this month is Ellie Fowler. Ellie is such a hard-working and reliable girl. She always listens and thinks carefully and this has enabled her to produce some fantastic, creative and imaginative work this past couple of weeks. I particularly enjoyed her wonderfully gripping narrative. This girl will go far in life with her tremendous attitude! Keep it up Ellie.

6C - Ty Caile
Well done to Ty Caile. He is our star of the month. His progress in maths has been outstanding and it is crystal clear he is giving all he can to learn as much as he can ready for SATs. He is working his socks off both at school and at home and it is really paying off. Well done Ty.

6H - Harry Thompson
Harry Thompson has had a brilliant month! He has worked hard in all that he has done and has made lots of progress! Not only is his academic work excellent but he never fails to make myself and the class laugh! Well done Harry!

6L - Lois Dixon
My Pupil of the Month this month is Lois Dixon. Lois always tries her hardest and responds to feedback well. Her behavior is perfect and she is coming out of her shell a lot more, contributing to lessons and asking for support when she needs it. Keep up the hard work Lois.