A lovely sunny week in Year 3

Published on Thursday 11 May 2017 by Mrs Ferguson.

We have had such an exciting week in year 3. We have been learning about money in maths. In literacy we have finally finished our story Jack and the Baked Beanstalk, which everyone loved.

Also we have started to look at our new topic! We are so excited that it is science, starting with plants!

A lovely sunny week in Year 3

We went outside with magnifying glasses to have a look at the different plants around us. Some of us started to investigate soil and rocks, talking about permeability and predicting what types of rock there might be.

A lovely sunny week in Year 3

Back inside we got to plant our very own beans.

Ava Bell said, " imagine if we grew our very own beanstalk like in the story, that would be so cool"

Eve Barker questioned, " what would happen if I threw these beans out of the window like in the story, would a magical beanstalk grow?"