Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 12 May 2017 by Crook Primary.

12 May 2017

Pupil of the Week

RS Brooke Dawson
RCR Joshua Scott
1N Devon Taylor
1L Jacob Gatens
2M Bradley White
2S Elise Irwin
3A Charlie Thompson
3V Oliver Harris
4M Keira Evans
4B Jak Rainey
5G Gavin Close
5O Spencer Nicholson
All Year 6 


R Elijah Weston
1 Abigail Berriman
2 Thomas Smith
3 Hannah Heslop
4 Jayden Burgess
5 Zack Brookes-Wilson
All Year 6 but especially Miss Lee who has been ill all week during SATS.


R Lacy-May Lally
1 Elizabeth Norman
2 Summer Thompson
3 Sarah Frost
4 Chloe Hingley
5 Declan Spencer and Emily Mclean
All Year 6