Children's Leadership Team

The results of the CLT election have been announced:

President - Emily
Vice President - Emily
Year 5 - Lily
Year 4 - Taylor
Year 3 - Ella
Year 2 - Harriet


Congratulations to all of the children and well done to all who ran for election. We heard some brilliant speeches and ideas!


Published on Thursday 21 March 2019 by Mrs Ferguson.

Crook Primary have had an amazing day, although the walk to the park was cancelled ,we had a great time doing the conga. Thank you for raising a whopping £300 . We all really appreciate it , so a big well done to everyone.


Here are some pictures from our conga, you won't believe how long it was !


We challenge you children and parents/carers , to the extreme read .

All you need to do is read some books in some extreme places, this could be up a tree, on a rollercoaster, in an aquarium anywhere you like! But remember to be SAFE!


Then take some photos of you reading your book in the extreme place and bring the photos into school so we can see your extremely amazing reading!

Thank you Emily, Emily and Ella :)

Red Nose Day

Published on Thursday 7 March 2019 by Mrs Ferguson.

Red Nose Day

Friday 15th March 2019

Red noses can be purchased from school priced at £1.25 each.

Red Nose Day

This year we are organising 'The Walk in Red'

Red Nose Day

Each class will be taking part in The Walk in Red which will consist of group walks to Crook's local park on Thistleflat Lane. All pupils are asked to come to school dressed in red for the day. We would be very grateful if you could make a contribution (we suggest a minimum of £1).

Red Nose Day

We really appreciate your support and hope that you'll have fun helping Crook Primary School raise lots of money for Red Nose Day.

Thanks from the CLT

Amazing CLT member!

Published on Thursday 31 January 2019 by Mrs Ferguson.

Ella, our Year 3 representative, noticed that a lot of children were taking a while to eat their lunch.

Amazing CLT member!

Being a fantastic CLT member she decided a good way to help the children would be to put a clock up in the dining hall so children knew how long they had for lunch!

Ella very kindly went out at the weekend and bought a clock for the dining hall. Showing how dedicated she is to the CLT and her school. A huge thank you to Ella and mam for taking the time and buying the clock!

Mrs Hammel is on the job now putting up Ella's clock!


Published on Friday 18 January 2019 by Mrs Ferguson.

Thank you for helping us get lots and lots of Christmas cards ! It was wonderful to see the amount of people who brought them in. We loved the fact that you all took part in this amazing opportunity. On behalf of the CLT another huge thank you!



We have lots of fun and exciting plans for this term , we hope you all love them.

Buddy Stop!

Published on Thursday 22 November 2018 by Mrs Ferguson.

The CLT are currently looking for Playground Buddies to help those children who come to one of our Buddy Bus Stops in need of help.

Buddy Stop!

They have been busy thinking about all of the qualities that a good Buddy should have.

The CLT are going to start Playground Buddies in January!