Parent Guidance Evenings

Published on Tuesday 4 July 2017 by Crook Primary.

Advance notice.

We will be holding three parent guidance evenings next year to give you information about what your child will be learning each term and how you can support them. The dates are as follows


Tuesday 12th September at 3.30
Tuesday 16th January at 3.30
Tuesday 24th April at 3.30

Year 1

Wednesday 13th September at 3.30
Wednesday 17th January at 3.30
Wednesday 25th April at 3.30

Year 2

Thursday 14th September at 3.30
Thursday 18th January at 3.30
Thursday 26th April at 3.30

Year 3

Monday 11th September at 3.30
Monday 15th January at 3.30
Monday 23rd April at 3.30

Year 4

Monday 11th September at 4.00
Monday 15th January at 4.00
Monday 23rd April at 4.00

Year 5

Monday 11 September at 4.30
Monday 15th January at 4.30
Monday 23rd April at 4.30

Year 6

Tuesday 12th September at 4.00
Tuesday 16th January at 4.00
Tuesday 24th April at 4.00