African Visit

Published on Sunday 10 September 2017 by Mrs Ferguson.

Miss Fox and I had the most amazing time visiting Africa. We went to Tanzania to visit Mdawi Primary School which is situated close to the beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro. We spent a week in the school working with children from nursery age up to year 6!

More than 10 years ago, through a British Council initiative bringing schools together from different countries, Crook Primary was twinned with Mdawi Primary, a primary school in the North of Tanzania. Teachers from Crook Primary started to visit Tanzania and teachers from Mdawi Primary started to visit Crook. Each year, the friendship between the 2 schools has deepened and with every visit, we all learn more and more about each other's culture, country, traditions and ways of learning. Here at Crook Primary we believe that understanding children from other countries is a very important part of our learning and helps us to take our place in the world.

Miss Fox and I were very lucky to meet the teachers and work with a range of pupils. It was fascinating to see the different teaching styles and how well behaved the children were. We were able to help the children learn some new I.C.T skills, which will empower these children and the teacher involved to share that knowledge with teachers from other schools in the area and people in the community. We continue to think about how each of our schools can continue to help and learn from each other.