The Mile Challenge

Published on Tuesday 19 September 2017 by Mr Storey.

Last week the school kicked away the mile challenge. All children across key stage two will be completing a mile on two different occasions every week. The children have been thrilled to get started and we have had some great reponses. Both staff and pupils are pushing themselves to travel the mile in any way they want. We have had running, skipping, walking and even crawling (sorry Mr Askew).

The Mile ChallengeThe Mile Challenge

Research has shown that this challenge improves both fitness levels and concentration levels and already the staff are seeing positive effects in lessons.



Here is what some of our children have said,


"Last week I got 5 laps but this week I did 6." Peyton (Year 4)


"It is really hard but I really like doing it." Kelsey (Year 3)


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