Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 29 September 2017 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for September 2017.

RR - Jessica Knighton

My first pupil of the month goes to a fantastic little girl, Jessica Knighton. With a curious mind for nature and a wonderful sense of kindness and gentleness, this little girl has been an excellent role model for the children in Reception. When she is not outside exploring the new surroundings, Jessica can be found completing jobs around the unit as well as helping others. She has made an incredible start to school life and I am sure she will continue to go from strength to strength. Well done, Jessica!

RS - Dylan Fairgrieve

The star of the month in RS this week is Dylan. He has settled into school perfectly and is trying very hard with his sounds and numbers. Dylan has become more resilient over the last few weeks and is improving his independence every day. Well done Dylan, keep up the good work!

1L - Marshal Horn

Congratulations to Marshal Horn who is 1L's Pupil of the Month! Marshal has settled into Year One extremely well and has wasted no time in impressing me with his hard work and dedication. His enthusiasm for learning is infectious and shows great determination when trying something tricky. I can't wait to see you progress throughout the year Marshal, keep it up and well done!

1M - Harriet Cummings

1M's Pupil of the Month award for September goes to Harriet Cummings! Harriet is a kind young lady who is impeccably behaved at all times. She always gives 100% in every lesson and is willing to tackle any new challenges she is presented with! Well done Harriet!

2G - Steed Cleary

The Star of the Month in 2G goes to the wonderful Steed Cleary! Steed is an absolute delight to teach, he is always ready to learn and gives his all in every single lesson. He is very conscientious and just gets on with his work, but he is also able to listen to and take on board any advice he is given on how to improve his work. His manners are impeccable and he is always willing to support his peers if they are struggling with anything. Steed has had a fantastic start to Year 2 and I'm sure he will continue to shine throughout the rest year. Well done young man!

2N - Sophie Newman

September’s pupil of the month goes to Sophie Newman. Sophie has made a fantastic start to the year. She is a responsible and conscientious learner and is always looking at ways to improve her work. She is a wonderful friend and a brilliant help in the classroom. I don’t know what I would do without her! Well done Sophie and keep up the amazing work.

3A - Taylor Reed

Taylor has settled into Year 3 really well and has adapted to the rules and routines without problem. Taylor always has a positive attitude in class and is willing to take a risk by trying new things. He has the ability to approach questioning in an alternative manner from the rest of his peers which keeps me on my toes.
Well done Taylor!

3F - Benjamin Symcox

This young man is an absolutely pleasure to teach. He comes into school every single day with a huge smile on his face and a fascinating story to tell. He works extremely hard in all aspects of school life, giving 100% in all that he does. I am so proud! Well done Benjamin Symcox

4M - Jake Parvin

Jake is a friendly and enthusiastic member of the class. He loves to learn and has been especially interested in our topic - the Romans. Jake has really impressed me by his love of learning and is independently researching further at home to produce a Roman fact file. He is always polite and has a smile that lights up the room. A great start in Year 4 Jake. Keep up the fantastic work!

4R - Emily McKenna

4R's pupil of the month is Emily McKenna. Emily is a delight to have in the classroom, cheering everyone up around her with a constant smile on her face. Her kindness, positive attitude and enthusiasm are qualities she is known for and anyone who meets her notices this immediately, and for that I'm grateful to teach her everyday. Well done Emily!

5G - Leah Nutt

This first pupil of the month in 5G goes to Leah Nutt. Leah has had a fantastic start to year 5. She takes pride in everything she does, always working hard to ensure her presentation is beautiful across all subjects. Every day Leah comes to school with a smile on her face. She is a pleasure to have in the classroom. Keep it up Leah, you are a superstar.

5O - Lucy Sunter

5O's Pupil of the Month is Lucy Sunter. This well-mannered and friendly young lady is an absolute pleasure to have in my class as I can always count on her to be trying her hardest with everything she does. Lucy follows the rules and routines of the classroom sensibly and smartly, and has impressed me with her effort in presenting her work to the highest standard. Keep it up Lucy!

6B - Tanner Pointon

Our first pupil of the month from 6B is Tanner Pointon. In class he is always keen to participate and enjoys answering questions and sharing his opinions. Tanner has approached the start of Year 6 with a really positive attitude. I have been particularly impressed by his enthusiasm for reading and I look forward to seeing the positive impact this will have on his writing. Well done Tanner, keep up the hard work!  

6L - Katherine Smith

Pupil of the month in 6L this week is Katherine Smith. She has made the jump up to year 6 and is showing how mature and responsible she is. She can be relied upon to help others in the classroom without being asked and is working extremely hard in lessons. Fantastic job Katherine, keep up the hard work.

6T - John Moore

6T's star of the month is John Moore. He demonstrates resilience and enthusiasm in every lesson. He is keen to participate and offer his opinions. He always tries to achieve what is expected of him. Keep up the great work John.