Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 29 September 2017 by Crook Primary.

29 September 2017

Pupil of the Week

RR Joey Crossley
RS Gracie Leigh Henry
1L Dakota Clark
1M Lacey- Mae Lally
2G Caleb Glaister
2N Sophie Scott
3A Dylan Coulson
3F Thomas Jackson
4M Michael Oughton
4R Alex Bowden
5O Leah Wilson
5G Leah Smith
6L Ellie Tones
6B Jayden Baird
6T Ryan Johnson

Resilience Awards

Yr 1 Damien Carr
Yr 2 Holly Poulter
Yr 3 Jayden Heslop
Yr 4 Libby Lloyd
Yr 5 Kyrell O'Connor
Yr 6 Patience Stewart