Golden Time!

Published on Thursday 19 October 2017 by Miss Lee.

This half term we have had a fantastic time during Golden Time with Mr Askew and Mr Storey. We spent three weeks each completing outdoor adventure activities and multi-sporting activities.

Golden Time!Golden Time!

Outdoor Adventures:

During our time outside we have built dens for animals. Each group were given the same brief in which they were asked to create a story about the different animals they had chosen. All children came up with some fantastic stories from Donald Trump to magic, golden apples! We also created sticky stick stories in which we collected natural resources to create a story.

We have also used cotton wool and flints to light our very own fires and we watched Mr Askew create a fire for us to toast marshmallows on! Thanks Mr Askew!

Golden Time!Golden Time!


During our sporting adventures we played many games. We played newly invented games and were given the opportunity to create our own games.

We worked extremely well as a team and also worked up quite a sweat! Thanks Mr Storey!

Golden Time!Golden Time!

"Golden Time this half term has been really fun with Mr Storey, my favourite game to play was when we played naughts and crosses with hoops and beanbags!" Gavin Close

"I had fun in Outdoor Adventure doing things we had never done before. My favourite part of it was lighting the fires, I managed to light 4 fires!" Matthew Ayres

"I really enjoyed Golden Time with Mr Storey, my favourite team game was 'The Floor is Lava'!" Alex Pattinson

"I loved making sticky story sticks in Outdoor Adventure with Mr Askew because we got to use our own imagination and let it go wild before using the story chair to tell it to the class." Katherine Smith