Fire Safety

Published on Tuesday 7 November 2017 by Mr Storey.

Wow! What a fun week we have had in Reception! Firstly, a big well done to those children who were pupil of the month and star of the week just before half term. All the children are doing fantastically well and it was lovely to celebrate at the end of term.

Dojo champ and Star of the Week in RS was Isabella! And, the pupil of the month was Tyler!

Star of the week in RR was Isabella and the pupil of the month was Harrison!

Fire SafetyFire Safety

The children must have had a very relaxing and lovely half term because they have come back raring to go! We have had a very exciting week and the children have done themselves proud as they have taken everything in their stride and been able to have lots of fun!

On Monday, we had our Halloween dress up day. The children looked incredible and we were very impressed by all the outfits. We all went down to the main hall to join in with the Halloween competition. A special well done goes to Harrison, Amelia-Faith and Mollie who each won a prize in this competition.

The fun did not stop there though! We were lucky enough to all have a treat in the afternoon as we jumped and bounced on the big bouncy castles. This was a lot of fun and even the teachers got involved.

Fire SafetyFire Safety

Our final treat of the week was a very exciting afternoon learning about fire safety. We learned what to do in case of a fire.. 'Stop, drop and roll!' We also learned how to approach a fire with adults as we walked through two cones and round the perimeter of a fire pit. Once we were in the allocated area we were allowed to toast our own marshmallows. We were very good at this and very, very sensible. After this, we were allowed to explore a new area of school whilst keeping warm with hot chocolate.

As if all of this wasn't enough the fire engine turned up to school! We had a chat with the firemen before having a go at using the hose as well as sitting on the fire engine.

Fire SafetyFire Safety