Measuring up for Maths

Published on Friday 1 December 2017 by Miss Reeve.

This week Year 4 have begun to look at measurements. We began with millimetres, centimetres and metres and soon will look at kilometres. Firstly, we made our own metre sticks using 10cm lengths of paper. We learned how to line these up perfectly to make our 1m as accurate as possible.

Measuring up for MathsMeasuring up for Maths

We also took on the challenge of cutting a piece of string as closely to 1m as possible using 30cm rulers. In doing this, we learned how to use a ruler accurately, and used our problem solving skills when things went wrong!

Measuring up for MathsMeasuring up for Maths

Finally, we drew our own lines, measuring them in both cm and m, and even challenged ourselves to work out how many of these lines we would need to make 1m. Next week we will be looking more at kilometres and how we can convert lengths between these units of measure.