Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 2 February 2018 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for January 2018.

RR - Tia Bell

My pupil of the month goes to Tia Bell. Since Christmas, Tia has come back to school with an eagerness to please and do the right thing. She has shown great motivation towards her work and has been trying her very best in both phonics and maths. A fantastic month Tia, keep up the amazing work!

RS - Ryan Newton

This month Ryan has had a fantastic month. He has gone from strength to strength with his writing and is now writing confidently and holding a pencil correctly. Ryan has shown great progress across the unit particularly with Phonics and Numeracy. Well done Ryan, let's keep it up!

1L - Dakota Clark

Congratulations to Dakota Clark for being 1L's Pupil of the Month! Dakota is one of the most hardest working, maturist and independent learners in Year 1. She always strives to be the best she can be and participates fully in every lesson. She works hard to complete her work and is always willing to go that extra mile. Not only is Dakota a kind friend, but she is also very helpful around the classroom. We would be lost without you Dakota! Well done!

1M - Lacey-Mae Lally

1M's Pupil of the Month award goes to Lacey-Mae Lally. Lacey-Mae has progressed exceptionally well during her time in Year 1, going from strength to strength. She always gives 100% and is a pleasure to teach! Lacey-Mae has proven herself to be a fantastic member of 1M and a friend to all! Well done Lacey-Mae!

2G - Kesha Barker

The Pupil of the Month in 2G is Kesha Barker! She is an absolute delight to have in class and puts her all into everything that she does. Kesha is extremely hard working and always tries to improve her work further. She is very helpful around the class and is also a wonderful friend to her peers. I am confident Kesha will continue to do well in year. Keep it up!

2N - Jacob Gatens

January's pupil of the month goes to Jacob Gatens. Jacob is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom. He is wise beyond his years and his attitude and approach to school learning is to be applauded. He is a well-loved member of my class and I can always count on him to have an enthusiastic and meaningful answer to a question, he sets an excellent example to the rest of the class and is always trying to improve his work. Congratulations Jacob and keep up the hard work.

3A - Jacey Coleman

Jacey is a young girl that has a fabulous work ethic and is a fine example to her peers. She always gives over and beyond what is asked of her; she particularly shines in story-writing which is exemplary- although she will enter into all areas of the curriculum with enthusiasm! A good friend to all and a responsible, mature member of 3A. Well done Jacey!

3F - Jayden Heslop

3F Pupil of the month goes to a young man who has shown determination. He has completely turned things around this month through hard work and persistence. I am so proud, well done Jayden Heslop.

4M - Lexie-Mai Lambert-Cousins

The pupil of the month in 4M is Lexie-Mai. She lights ups the room with her personality and enthusiasm. Lexie-Mai is very kind and can often be seen helping her peers as well as members of staff, setting a fantastic example to others. She always participates, gives her best in lessons and has the determination to succeed. Well done Lexie-Mai!

4R - Ruby Wilkinson

4R's Pupil of the Month goes to Ruby Wilkinson. I have chosen Ruby for our Pupil of the Month due to her true kindness and delightful nature. Ruby puts a smile on the faces of everyone around her and never has a complaint or bad word to say, and is therefore a fantastic role model and inspiration for everyone in Year 4. Well done Ruby!

5G - Kane Rand

My pupil of the month this month is awarded to Kane Rand. Throughout this half term, Kane has been working extremely hard across all subjects. He is becoming more involved in class discussions, and he has had a real determination to improve his handwriting and presentation. His books are looking beautiful. Kane is a happy and helpful individual, and he is a pleasure to have in the classroom. Keep up the hard work!

5O - Kyrell O'Connor

My Pupil of the Month is Kyrell O'Connor. There are so many positive adjectives I could use to describe this young man - bright, helpful, thoughtful and well-behaved are just a few! Kyrell takes everything he learns in his stride and always spends his time producing quality work. I always look forward to marking his beautifully presented books. On top of this, Kyrell is fabulously funny and never fails to make me laugh. Keep it up Kyrell!

6B - Gavin Close

Gavin is our star of the month in 6B. He has been approaching his work with a positive attitude and as a result he is making excellent progress. Gavin's work is always beautifully presented and it is a delight to see him growing in confidence. He is a friendly member of our class who is always fun to be around. This makes Gavin a pleasure to teach.

6L - Bradley Coulson

My Pupil of the Month this month goes to Bradley Coulson. Bradley has returned from the Christmas break with such a positive attitude to his learning. He is attempting challenging tasks and showing great resilience in doing so and I hope this award will give him the confidence and belief in himself that he should have. Well done Bradley, keep it up!

6T - Alex Nikolov

Alex Nikolov is our pupil of the month in 6T. Alex is a delight to teach. He is hard working and shows a great determination to improve his work. He always contributes in lessons and loves to share his ideas. He is passionate about learning and this is reflected in the work he produces in every lesson. He takes great care with his presentation and carries out every task conscientiously. Keep up the amazing work Alex!