A Future Olympian?

Published on Tuesday 19 June 2018 by Mr Storey.

It is amazing to see pupils challenging themselves outside of school, and that is what Oliver has done this weekend. As many of us put our feet up to relax after another hectic week Oliver and his family ventured to Muckletoon Adventure Festival in Scotland to complete a 15 mile mountain bike race. Not only did Oliver have to contend with the gruelling course but he also had to brave the torrential rain.

A Future Olympian?

With huge resilience Oliver gritted his teeth and completed that course in 3 hours and 58 minutes, with some competitors taking over 6 hours to finish. It wasn't plan sailing for Oliver as he fell off twice and sustained a few injuries but he kept going and never give up.

A Future Olympian? A Future Olympian?

As if that wasn't enough torture Oliver decided to also do the 5k mini course the following day, unbelievable. All the staff are so proud of Oliver's endeavours as he has shown not only a desire to complete a tough obstacle but also huge determination. Well done Oliver!