Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 29 June 2018 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for June 2018.

RR - Ethan Koch

My pupil of the month goes to the fabulous Ethan Koch. Ethan has worked extremely hard all year and has truly been a fantastic role model to all the boys and girls in Reception. With a determination to succeed, Ethan adapts to new groups and new situations with ease. He likes to help others and will happily join in and welcome children into his play. Ethan has a fabulous sense of enthusiasm which is contagious. I am sure you will continue to shine, you're a star!

RS - Blake Pearson

I am delighted to give Pupil of the Month to Blake Pearson. Blake has consistently given 100% throughout the academic year and is now producing work a year 1 pupil would be proud of. Blake has mastered sentence writing and always remembers to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. In addition, Blake has been completing extra jobs at home making sure he is ready for his challenge next year. Well done Blake, keep it up!

1L - Saphira Johnson

A huge congratulations to Saphira for being 1L's Pupil of the Month! Saphira is an exceptional pupil who always gives things a go with lots of enthusiasm and positivity. She is a beautiful friend to many, always caring and thoughtful of those around her. Saphira has worked hard this month to write a sentence independently using full stops and capital letters and I could not be prouder of her achievement. Well done Saphira!

1M - Ella Hawkey

1M's Pupil of the Month award goes to Ella Hawkey. Ella is a lovely little girl, who I have loved having in my class. She is a great friend to lots of children and can always be found doing the right thing. Ella tries hard across the curriculum and is very resilient. She has given 100% effort since starting Year 1 and there is no doubt in my mind that she is Year 2 ready! Well done, Ella!

2G - Oliver Kyle

I am delighted to say that my pupil of the month goes to Oliver Kyle. He is a constant ray of sunshine and a pleasure to have in the class. Oliver loves to help me out around the classroom and always asks if there is anything he can do. He is a great friend to everyone and constantly makes us all smile. He has made good progress this year and always works hard in lessons. I can always rely on him to get involved in class discussions and share his thoughts. He is definitely ready for Year 3! Well done Oliver!

2N - Rosie-Beth Hobbs

June’s pupil of the month goes to Rosie-Beth Hobbs. Rosie-Beth is a loud, popular and enthusiastic member of 2N. She loves to take part in class discussions and she sets a great example in contributing to the life of the school. Rosie-Beth has matured this year and has become a responsible and conscientious learner who always tries her best to improve her work. Congratulations Rosie-Beth.

3A - Jacey Coleman

The final POTM for 3A is Jacey Coleman. She has been a standout pupil throughout the year who always works hard, is polite and helpful to others and is just a delight to have around the classroom. I am jealous of the Year 4 teacher who is lucky enough to have her next year. Well done Jacey!

3F - Harley Whittaker

I am so proud of this young man. He has gone from strength to strength. He does not always find school life easy however he has worked so hard this month to overcome those barriers. He has excelled in reading and he has worked so hard on his writing to produce some truly wonderful pieces. I could not be more proud! Well done Harley Whittaker.

4M - Rhianne Longmoor

4M’s pupil of the month goes to Rhianne Longmoor. Rhianne is very hard working, takes her time and gives 100% in tasks which results in her producing her very best work. Rhianne is a mature member of the class who can be trusted to choose to do the right thing. She is caring and compassionate to her peers and can be relied upon helping them when they are upset or in need of a friend. She is helpful around the classroom and respectful following rules and routines. Keep up the hard work!

4R - Jessica Scott

4R's Pupil of the Month is Jessica Scott. Jessica has proved that she can work independently and is becoming a great friend to others. She now tries her hardest each lesson and I am particularly proud of the resilience she has shown with reading, getting 100% on her book quizzes every week. She has come so far since the beginning of the year and should be very pleased with herself! Great job, Jessica!

5G - Samuel Gent

My pupil of the month this month is awarded to Samuel Gent. Samuel has been contributing more in lessons and has also started to show enthusiasm towards school work. He always tries his hardest and is eager to complete any task given. I am proud of his efforts and really hope this continues. Well done Samuel! You are a pleasure to have in the classroom!

5O - Jack Swan

My Pupil of the Month is the amazing Jack Swan! Jack is an always person; he always works hard, he always behaves well, and he always shows exemplary manners to both adults and children alike. Over Year 5, Jack has developed so much in confidence and maturity. He has put a lot of effort into his writing this month and has produced some amazing pieces of narrative work, including lots of language features in order to make his description sound exciting. I am very proud of you Jack, and so pleased to such a lovely, kind person in my class. Well done!

5H - Taylor Nixon

I have chosen Taylor as 5H’s ‘Pupil of the Month’ for a variety of reasons.  Firstly, he is a helpful member of the class who supports and encourages his peers.  Alongside this he demonstrates resilience in all lessons and is prepared to challenge himself to be successful and finally… Taylor always has a smile on his face and an amusing story to share! Well done Taylor.

6L - Nathan Warriner

This month my Pupil of the Month is Nathan Warriner. Nathan has such an infectious smile and he can always make me laugh. Nathan always tries his best and sets a good example to others. He has thoroughly enjoyed having a little bit of extra responsibility this year and has shown that he can be relied upon. Well done Nathan, keep up the hard work!

6T - Jake Slack

6T's pupil of the month is Jake Slack. He has worked extremely hard to develop his writing, improving his use of vocabulary and sentence structure. He has shown great resilience in swimming to be able to swim 10m confidently and is striving to swim 25m. He has also improved his behaviour and should be very proud of himself. Keep up the great work Jake!