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Mr Storey Miss Cleminson Miss Roberts
Mr Storey Miss Cleminson Miss Roberts

3D Shape Hunt

Published on Thursday 23 March 2017 by Mr Storey.

This week during Numeracy we have been looking at 3D shapes. After some initial input the children became experts so we decided to search the school for 3D shapes. The children found lots of different shapes including a cone, cube, cuboid and a sphere.

We worked hard to understand the difference between 2D and 3D shapes!

3D Shape Hunt3D Shape Hunt

A Creative Week in EYFS

Published on Friday 10 March 2017 by Miss Roberts.

Firstly, thank you to everybody for the wonderful outfits that the children came in last week. They looked absolutely fantastic and it was brilliant to celebrate World Book Day with aliens, superheroes and nursery rhyme characters.

A Creative Week in EYFSA Creative Week in EYFS

It has been a very creative week in EYFS as we have explored different sounds as part of our experiment and we even created our very own African shaker. We have been so excited to explore different materials and how they can affect the sound being made.

On Wednesday we were looking at different African instruments and what materials are used to make them. We used rice, dried beans, pasta and some colourful beads to create our homemade instrument.

A Creative Week in EYFSA Creative Week in EYFS

There has been lots of independent working as well this week. We have been creating different things with the LEGO, look at this cowboy.

Meanwhile, we have also had some very helpful children who have been learning about daily routines of adults. Look at how useful they have been by pegging out the laundry!

A Creative Week in EYFSA Creative Week in EYFS

New Month, New Topic!

Published on Wednesday 1 March 2017 by Mr Storey.

As we return to school the children have been introduced to a new topic. As a year group we are on our travels again as we arrive in Africa, however the classroom needed a big change. With the help of the children we have created a wonderful role play area that is centred around Safari tours. With the help of the staff the children designed the area and have even designed a new Audi Safari jeep.

New Month, New Topic!

The children are excited for the tours to commence and will be recording and drawing any animals they see on their travels.

This wasn't the only updates that the children have been creating. It was decided by the children that they would like a den in the outdoor area for reading. Therefore, we set about creating a reading den that would be up to their standards. Again with the children demands we managed to create a captivating den which has been extremely popular over the last two days.

New Month, New Topic!New Month, New Topic!

It has been like changing rooms since we have arrived back at school, but the EYFS environment is rejuvenated.