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Mrs Marsh Miss Reeve
Mrs Marsh Miss Reeve

Learning a new language!

Published on Wednesday 14 November 2018 by Mrs Marsh.

This afternoon, 4M had a visit from a student studying the Chinese language. The children were enthusiastic and joined in with a number of activities. The first task was to identify where China is in the world. Next, we learned how to say 'hello' and 'what is your name?'. Children had the opportunity to practice this with one another and in front of the class.

Learning a new language!Learning a new language!

In addition, we learned to count in from 1 - 10 in Chinese with the help of a song. As everyone enjoyed their lesson so much, the student has agreed to come back to 4M to teach us some more so watch this space...

Learning a new language!Learning a new language!

You're hired!

Published on Friday 19 October 2018 by Miss Reeve.

This week Year 4 looked at a variety of job applications written by candidates with a range of skills. Some applicants preferred numbers while others were writers and some were talented artists. Their experience ranged from working in shops to working in banks, and others had interesting hobbies that made them stand out.

You're hired!You're hired!

In teams, we looked at the candidates and compared them, identifying what we liked about them and why. We then decided on who we would hire, writing down the reasons they stood out more than the others. Interestingly, each team picked a different candidate!

You're hired!

Finally, we presented our findings at the class and offered advice on how each of the candidates could improve their weaknesses. We gave advice such as putting 100% effort into work, keep trying things you find hard and finding more opportunities to challenge yourself.

You're hired!You're hired!

You are... hired!

4M's free write Friday!

Published on Friday 19 October 2018 by Mrs Marsh.

4M were excited and enthusiastic to do some free writing today. They were given a picture as a stimulus and then they were free to write. Children shared their ideas before they began to kick start their imagination. Some children chose to write a letter or diary entry, while others chose to write narratives and newspaper reports. In addition, many included recently taught skills such as fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases.

4M's free write Friday!4M's free write Friday!

It was lovely to see how many children were keen and confident enough to share their writing with the class and read it out aloud. They were asked if they enjoyed free writing and the response was unanimous - they all thought it was fun.

Here is what some of them thought:

"You can let your imagination go wild." - Ellie.

"It's great not to be told what to write." - Emma.

"I think they allow us to be creative and imaginative as we can use our own ideas." - Taylor

4M's free write Friday!4M's free write Friday!