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Miss Golightly Miss Oxley
Miss Golightly Miss Oxley

Crook Stirs up a Tempest in Stratford

Published on Wednesday 19 July 2017 by Mrs Gentles.

Declan Spencer and Matthew Jackson travelled to Stratford upon Avon earlier this month to perform scenes from Shakespeare's 'The Tempest,' with The Durham Ensemble. Children from ten local schools from Year 4 to Year 8, took part in our project with The Royal Shakespeare Company in their 'Playmaking Festival' along with other schools from across England.



Crook Stirs up a Tempest in StratfordCrook Stirs up a Tempest in Stratford


Crook led the project as Lead Associate School for the RSC with text edited by Mrs Gentles, directed by Mrs Blacklock from Hunwick CE Primary School and choreography by Miss Sayer from St. Cuthbert's RC Primary School and teachers from other schools as assistant and musical directors, it really was a true ensemble production.


Declan and Matthew proved to be extremely dedicated and committed to the work, rehearsing every week after school, learning their lines and performing song and dance within the scenes. They never grumbled or complained, even though they had to rehearse the scenes over and over…they were real troopers!


Crook Stirs up a Tempest in StratfordCrook Stirs up a Tempest in Stratford

The RSC were absolutely delighted with our performance in their studio theatre, 'The Other Place,' in front of a paying audience.


Here are some wonderful reviews from the RSC about our work;

'A lovely performance, I really enjoyed it. The singing was superb.'


'It was so good to see you and the group here last week with such a lovely piece of work. Feedback from parents has been delightful.'

'I loved your performance. It was so honest and you could tell that every child was totally committed to it. Well done!'

'It was so great to work with your cluster. A fabulous performance. All the best for your future Shakespeare work.'


Crook Stirs up a Tempest in StratfordCrook Stirs up a Tempest in Stratford

It has been another amazing year for Shakespeare in our school and we're all very proud of Matthew and Declan. We had a great time staying overnight at the Youth Hostel and as a treat after our performance, we went to see the birthplace of Shakespeare and to see the church where he's buried. We also enjoyed some shopping, a trip to the haunted house and a picnic in the park before returning home.


Still to come, the RSC are coming to Crook next June to perform 'Julius Caesar' for us as part of their Roman Season, a specially adapted play for children and their families, so 2018 promises to be an exciting year too. Thank you to parents and staff for all your support this year.


Film Competition

Published on Friday 14 July 2017 by Crook Primary.

This morning we held our annual film competition. As always the standard and creativity was superb. Well done to Year 5 for winning the 2017 Crook Primary film award!

An exciting week at King James

Published on Friday 30 June 2017 by Miss Golightly.

We took part in an art lesson which followed the theme of Alice in Wonderland. The children created their own sweets with magical powers using salt dough. There were lots of very creative ideas and interesting flavours with very unusual powers. We can't wait to receive our finished products.

An exciting week at King JamesAn exciting week at King James

The children found out what it was like to be a soldier in WW1. They created their own trenches and thought about the important things they would need to survive in a trench. They then created comic strips and some children also created a play script to perform in front of a green screen as BBC reporters and soldiers from WW1. What an exciting history lesson!

An exciting week at King JamesAn exciting week at King James

We spent a lesson in the library rehearsing and performing a scene from 'The Cursed Child'. The children really thought about their roles as the characters and put on an exciting, dramatic performance. We definitely have some future actors and actresses in our hands.

An exciting week at King JamesAn exciting week at King James

Going Greek

Published on Thursday 15 June 2017 by Miss Golightly.

Today we have spent the day celebrating our Ancient Greece topic. We began our day by splitting the classes into 5 Greek city states, we then used these groups as our Olympic teams for the morning. We created flags to represent our city states and wrote a pledge for the games. Our games involved Olympic tongue twisters, boxing (memory game), art recognition and music recognition. We showed great sportsmanship throughout the morning and had a lot of fun celebrating the Olympics Ancient Greece style.

Going GreekGoing Greek

In the afternoon we tasted a variety of Greek foods with Miss Oxley and made leaf crowns with Miss Golightly to celebrate the end of our Olympic Games.

We had a brilliant day and loved seeing the children getting excited about our topic.

Going GreekGoing Greek

Making ?5 Grow!

Published on Friday 12 May 2017 by Miss Golightly.

This week, Year 5 have been developing their business and enterprise skills in collaboration with Virgin Money, who have given each child in the year £5 and asked them to make it grow.

Making £5 Grow!Making £5 Grow!

The year group have came together and began to create Kashmir's idea of creating personalised door decorations. The group also decided to extend this idea to producing personalised fridge magnets and jewellery.

Making £5 Grow!Making £5 Grow!

The orders have been coming in fast from Year 3 and 5, and this week has been very busy with all the children getting hands-on to produce the goods.

Making £5 Grow!Making £5 Grow!

We think you'll agree that their effort has paid off and the products are amazing. Perfect for showing your child's fabulous work off on the fridge! Look out for order forms coming your way soon everyone!

Acting out in Ancient Greece

Published on Friday 28 April 2017 by Miss Golightly.

Our new English theme is 'Myths and Legends'. To start our new lessons off with a bang we have been getting to grips with all sorts of fantastic stories. Here are some of our Year 5's creating freeze frames for the story of The Trojan War.

Acting out in Ancient GreeceActing out in Ancient Greece

Our Year 5's are getting really good at understanding the difference between Myths and Legends. Why don't you try quizzing them at home? We're sure they have got lots to tell.

Acting out in Ancient GreeceActing out in Ancient Greece