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Miss Lee Mrs Taylor Mrs Blackett
Miss Lee Mrs Taylor Mrs Blackett

London - Day 2

Published on Wednesday 20 June 2018 by Miss Lee.

We can't believe day 2 is over! We started out in the National Science museum; finding out about ancient transport, space and how we are made up into human beings. We found it all very interesting and couldn't wait for the National History Museum.

London - Day 2London - Day 2

In the National history museum we particularly enjoyed looking at the life size statues of past and previous land and water mammals!

London - Day 2London - Day 2

After a quick change at the hotel, we headed to Pizza Hut where we enjoyed unlimited pizza and salad! We then took a short journey to the Lyceum Theatre for the Lion King. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the show and what a show it was! It certainly doesn't disappoint!

London - Day 2London - Day 2

Make a Difference

Published on Monday 11 June 2018 by Crook Primary.

The children in 6T are working collaboratively to 'make a difference' to the issue of animal cruelty in County Durham. As part of this project, the pupils have researched and created a web page on animal cruelty. It explains what it is, how you can help to tackle the issue, and the organisations and charities involved.

Click here to open the Make a Difference web page.

500 words story writing competition

Published on Monday 11 June 2018 by Mrs Taylor.

Some of the children in Year 6 took part in this year's BBC Radio 2's short story-writing competition. They worked very hard to create some gripping tales.

The stories are judged by a panel of experts, including Malorie Blackman and Francesca Simon, and are judged on specific criteria: originality, plot, characterisation, language and enjoyment.

We were very proud when Zack Blair got through to the second round with his fabulous story, 'The Lighthouse'.

We obviously have a future author in the making. Well done Zack!

500 words story writing competition

Doing the Queen Proud!

Published on Tuesday 1 May 2018 by Miss Lee.

On Wednesday 25th, April some of our Year 6 children were invited to partake in a Commonwealth 'Big Sing!' We began with an African drumming session at Durham County Hall; producing some invigorating rhythms on traditional Djembe drums.

Doing the Queen Proud!Doing the Queen Proud!

Following our drumming session we gathered together with other schools who were representing a country from the Commonwealth. Our school represented Botswana, other schools included Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya, India and Canada- 53 member states in all. We played Commonwealth Top Trumps using research information we had previously gathered for the event.

Doing the Queen Proud!Doing the Queen Proud!

We the began our journey to Durham Cathedral carrying flags we had made which represented our commonwealth country- a striking sight of 1,500 children! On arrival to the cathedral we were welcomed with a flag-bearing line of honor; all 53 flags on display!

Once inside the breathtakingly decorated cathedral all children sang together, heard poems and listened to readings from dignitaries. This service ordered by our Queen in recognition of the relations between Commonwealth counties was the most auspicious and wonderful celebration! Crook Primary School children were an absolute tribute to us and also as young members of our Commonwealth. We felt deeply proud to be part of it!

Doing the Queen Proud!Doing the Queen Proud!