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Miss Conlin Miss Lee Miss Hammerton

Published Poets!

Published on Monday 10 July 2017 by Miss Conlin.

A few weeks ago, we entered a poetry competition called 'Once Upon a Dream'. We have just received notice that a few of our entries were winners and they will be published in a real poetry book!

Winners are as follows...
Luke Barker, John Kipling, Freya Swatten, Sonny Longstaff, Rebecca Gent, Aaron Barker, Charlee Francis, Jack Anderson, Lewis Bainbridge and Mazie Parkin.

Well done to all who entered and a huge congratulations to the winners!
over 35,000 entries were received all together!

The show is nearly here!

Published on Monday 3 July 2017 by Miss Conlin.

To Parents/Carers,

The show is quickly approaching and we will soon be carrying out a dress rehearsal in school. Please can you send your child to school with their clothing by Monday 10th July.

I have included a list of parts and what clothing they require.

* Pearl Periwinkle-striped top, black skirt, ladies wig (wig provided by school)

* Captain Cod-blue and white striped top, sailor hat

* Captain Redbeard-pirate costume, pink beard (provided by school)

Scuttle-blue and white striped top, sailor hat if possible

Slack-blue and white striped top, sailor hat

Admiral Horatio Hornhonker-admiral costume if possible, if not white clothing

Deadeye Dinghy (narrator)-Striped t-shirt dark trousers

* Jack Periwinkle-striped top black trousers

* Liza Periwinkle-striped top black skirt

Loopy Louie-Pirate costume

Stanley Periwinkle/Chief Wonga-Hawaiian clothing (colourful) and pirate costume

Mr. Pratt-suit and tie

Squawk the Parrot-multi coloured clothing and feathers (feathers provided by school)

Lookout Lofty-blue and white striped top, sailor hat

Mr. Wally-suit and tie

Baggywrinkle-Pirate costume

Blunderbuss-Pirate costume

Bunghole-Pirate costume

Barnacles-Pirate costume

Bullyrag-Pirate costume

Bilboe-Pirate costume

Bilge-pirate costume

Broadside-Pirate costume

Fathom-blue and white striped top, sailor hat

Fender-blue and white striped top, sailor hat

Fluke-blue and white striped top, sailor hat

Gooseneck-blue and white striped top, sailor hat

Grog-blue and white striped top, sailor hat

Cutthroat Clegg-blue and white striped top, sailor hat plastic saw

Gibbet-blue and white striped top, sailor hat

Tack/Seller 2-brown clothing / Hawaiian (colourful clothing)

Tick/Seller 1-brown clothing / Hawaiian (colourful clothing)

Toe/Seller 3-brown clothing / Hawaiian (colourful clothing)

Fiddlesticks the Cat-all black, cats ears and tail

Ping-Hawaiian clothes (colourful)

Pong-Hawaiian clothes (Colourful)

Waff-hawaiian clothes (Colourful)

Wiff-hawaiian clothes (Colourful)

Rats - grey clothing

Monkeys - brown clothing

All children without speaking parts are asked to wear all grey or all brown as they will be playing the part of rats and monkeys.


Thank you to all who have provided costumes and props so far - they are wonderful!


Many thanks

The Year 6 Team


Quad Kids

Published on Wednesday 21 June 2017 by Miss Hammerton.

Huge congratulations to all 48 children who participated in Quad Kids at Shildon Athletic Track! Despite the scorching weather, each and every one of you should be very proud of your achievements, especially the 400m (year 3&4) and 600m runs (year 5&6)! A special mention to our fabulous year 3s who completely held their own against some strong year 4s! Finally well done to the 24 year 6 children, who have represented Crook Primary for the very last time today before moving on to secondary school. I'm proud to see how you have developed over the past 4 years in PE and it is a delight to see the high levels of sportsmanship you display and how you strive to be the best you possibly can be! Watch this space to see the position we came over all out of all the schools who took part in Quad Kids in Co. Durham. Well done everyone!

London - Day 1

Published on Tuesday 20 June 2017 by Miss Lee.

London Eye!

London - Day 1London - Day 1