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Miss Lee Miss Oxley Miss Herbert
Miss Lee Miss Oxley Miss Herbert

Mocktail Madness!

Published on Friday 5 April 2019 by Miss Lee.

We have had a lovely day in 6L today. To introduce ratio in maths children designed and made their very own mocktails. Following on from our work on capacity, we used measuring cylinders to measure our ingredients and mixed them together to create some amazing cocktails.


Here is our menu:


The Tropical Beast - orange, cranberry, tropical juice and lemonade

The Tangy beast - apple, orange, tropical juice and lemonade

The Fantastic Bantastic Mocktail - apple, orange and lemonade

The Summer Sunrise - orange, tropical juice and lemonade

The Fruity Fizz - cranberry, tropical juice and lemonade


Mocktail Madness!Mocktail Madness!

The Fruity Beast - tropical, apple juice and lemonade

The Volcano - orange, cranberry juice and lemonade

The Sun Blast - orange, tropical and lemonade

Sunburn - topical, cranberry juice and lemonade

The Sunset - cranberry, orange juice and lemonade






Mocktail Madness!

Fizzy Orange - orange juice and lemonade

The United Kingdom - apple, cranberry, tropical juice and lemonade

Firecracker - lemonade, orange, cranberry and tropical juice


I'm sure you will agree that some of them sound delicious!


Mocktail Madness!Mocktail Madness!

Climbing Wall Fun!

Published on Friday 5 April 2019 by Miss Lee.

As a result of earning either 1 or 2 behaviour bands this term, year 6 enjoyed a morning of climbing wall actions yesterday. It was fantastic to see the children's resilience and attitude to attempting the wall. They set themselves a target and aimed high before tackling the tiny pegs! Children who were waiting were supportive of their friends giving them hints, tips and advice as they climbed the wall.

Climbing Wall Fun!Climbing Wall Fun!

Climbing Wall Fun!Climbing Wall Fun!

Climbing Wall Fun!Climbing Wall Fun!

Parents Evening

Published on Monday 1 April 2019 by Miss Lee.

Don't forget to book your appointment for parents evening. This will be your child's last parents evening at primary school and is a crucial time for you to discuss their progress and targets for the coming weeks leading up to SATs.

Sign up sheets are available at the school office, please contact them for an appointment.

Drama and Investigative Fun!

Published on Wednesday 27 March 2019 by Miss Herbert.

While some our friends in' Year 6' have been experiencing the delights of 'Robinwood' we have been busy solving mysteries. On Monday, Miss Herbert shared the book 'Tuesday' by David Weisner with us. This was confusing as it was only 'Monday'. The book was based on 'Flying Frogs' creating havoc in a small town. We decided this could have occurred in Crook, then in small groups we took notes of the key events and undertook hot-seating activities, acting as the police and eye witnesses.

Drama and Investigative Fun!

Then on Tuesday we created 'spy' identities and completed grammar work linked to 'secret clues'. Then we had to solve mathematical investigations linked to missing costumes possibly stolen by the frogs.

Drama and Investigative Fun!Drama and Investigative Fun!

Today, we researched the occupation of a journalist and news broadcaster, we watched videos of helpful clips created by BBC1 news-reporters and then created our own report linked to our class book 'Tuesday'. We had to remember to include the 5 'w's (who,what,where, when and why) and the 3 'c's. (Be clear,concise and correct.)

Drama and Investigative Fun!

This afternoon we undertook an art lesson based on tie-dye and researched the origins of tie- dye before creating our own masterpieces. We will upload pictures of the finished results tomorrow. Class 6H have had a busy start to the week and we look forward to seeing our friends and sharing each other's experiences tomorrow.