School Governors

Chair Person : Mrs A E Tomlinson
Vice Chair Person : Mrs S Smith
Headteacher : Mrs A J Lupton

The full list of governors is below with the date that their term as a school governor ends.

Name Start Date End Date
Cllr. M Stanton 1/9/2015  31/08/2019
Miss E R Dickinson 1/9/2015  31/08/2019
Mrs S Smith 16/9/2016   29/09/2020
Mrs A E Tomlinson 24/9/2015  23/09/2019
Mr P Burnip 3/1/2017  2/1/2021
Mrs M E Clark 18/1/2017 17/1/2021
Mrs A J Lupton 9/1/2015   
Cllr. E W Tomlinson 21/10/2014  20/10/2018
Mrs K J Henderson 9/9/2014  08/09/2018
Mrs S Kitching 26/11/2014  25/11/2018
Mrs S L Harris 29/1/2015  28/01/2019
Miss C L Bryson 25/9/2014  24/09/2018
Associate Member
Miss L Robinson 1/10/2015  30/09/2019

Our associate  governor is Miss Robinson who is a member of the Senior Leadership within school  

Responsibility of the Governing Body

The governing body has general responsibility for the conduct of the school with view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. This general responsibility gives rise to a wide range of specific responsibilities which in turn require the governing body to establish a range of procedures.

Termly full governing body meetings and various other committee meetings are held to discuss school developments and monitor the impact on teaching and learning to ensure the school continues to strive for the best for its pupils.

During inspection, Inspectors will consider whether governors:

carry out their statutory duties
understand the strengths and weaknesses of the school, including the quality of teaching
ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
understand and take sufficient account of pupil data, particularly their understanding and use of the school data dashboard
are aware of the impact of teaching on learning and progress in different subjects and year groups
are challenging and supporting leadership in equal measure
are providing support for an effective headteacher, or whether they are hindering school improvement by failing to tackle key concerns
are transparent and accountable, including in terms of governance structures, attendance at meetings, and contact with parents and carers
understand how the school makes decisions about teachers’ salary progression
performance manage the headteacher rigorously
are failing to perform well and contributing to weaknesses in leadership and management.