Shakespeare Flash Mobs Rule!

Published on Thursday 1 May 2014 by Crook Primary.

AT LAST we can reveal the top secret project we have been working on in Crook Primary School…. since September last year we have been rehearsing for our own Shakespeare flash mob performance!

 Nine schools have been involved led by Mrs Gentles at Crook Primary; Hunwick Primary, Willington Primary, Our Lady & St. Thomas RC Primary, St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary, St. Stephens CE Primary, Sunnybrow Primary, Cockerton CE Primary and King James 1 Academy.

 Shakespeare Flash Mobs  Shakespeare Flash Mobs

Teachers from all schools have experienced first class professional training yet again from The Royal Shakespeare Company, using active theatre approaches which has been innovating and exciting. The staff were so inspired that we couldn’t wait to get started in the classroom.

  We have all had to work hard at keeping our flash mob performances a secret from parents and pupils for almost a whole year! Even the performers did not know where they were performing until they were on the bus and on their way to the venue. The suspense was amazing.

 Shakespeare Flash Mobs  Shakespeare Flash Mobs

Pupils have rehearsed a range of texts from 9 of Shakespeare’s plays and then surprised each other by turning up unexpectedly and interrupting lessons or assemblies by bursting in and performing on the spot! The impact of suddenly being submerged in Shakespeare in a familiar space was fantastic for the audience. This was followed by a workshop at the host school where pupils acted as mentors to incorporate their audience into their performance, and finished by doing a joint second flash mob performance at the end of the day for parents and the wider community.

 Shakespeare Flash Mobs

We have taken photos and video footage of events and will be producing a DVD of the project for you to see for yourselves.

 The reaction from parents has been very positive and ranged from mild bemusement to absolute shock! The pupils have enjoyed the excitement of doing secret performances which has involved hiding in cloakrooms and tiptoeing along corridors in silence, waiting to surprise our victims!

Shakespeare Flash Mobs

 Here are some of our pupils’ comments on their flash mob experience.

It was scary and I had butterflies in my tummy.

It learned to speak up and not be afraid.

I had a lot of fun.

I loved hiding and waiting to jump out at the audience.

I was a good mentor to my partner.

I learned it’s cruel to laugh at other people.

I learned my lines very well, better than my mam.

It was exciting going to another school to perform.

The children at the other school were different from us…we had to work hard to get them to understand their part.

The games were amazing.

Can we do it again please?