Weekly Awards

Published on Sunday 8 December 2019 by Crook Primary.

6 December 2019

Pupil of the Week

RR Hallie Ashurst
RS Ayden George
1L Theo Brown
1M Toby Rowland
1D Karl Coulson
2G Jia Jia Yang
2N Poppy Wallace
3A Scarlett Grainger
3L Emily Hall
4R Abbie Coney
5A Bailey Martin
5H Kate Scott
6O Ethan Hirst
6T Corey Martin

Challenge Award

RR Aiden Coleman
RS Mya Carr
1L Joe Hird
1M Bobby Dobson
1D James Hawkey
2G Gracie-Lea Henry
2N Matthew Harris
3A Beth Sewell
3L Ava Anderson
4F Leah Hardy
4R Evie Mayhew
5A Rose Philipson
6O Jamelia Ceesay
6T Sarah Frost

Dojo Champs

R Carter French
1 Fern Breward, Estelle Gent, Harrison Nelson
2 Shay Cavagin
3 Evie Hodgson
4 Akida Makeme, Samuel Lyons
5 James Irwin
6 Lily Whittaker

Breakfast Programme Survey

Published on Wednesday 4 December 2019 by Crook Primary.

The National School Breakfast Programme has supported the school to start school breakfast in this school year.
They are now asking parents to complete a short survey about the new breakfast offer (You may have already completed a short survey before, but they'd like to hear from you again.)
If you could take the time to complete this short survey we would very much appreciate it.

Click here for the online survey

Or you can download the offline version by clicking here.


Dojo Champs

Published on Friday 29 November 2019 by Crook Primary.

R - Evie Goundry
1 - Cameron Evans
2 - Jack Sproat
3 - Emily Hall & Damian Carr
4 - Serene Clark
5 - Taylor Reed & Thomas Jackson
6 - Isla Defty

Pupil of the Month

Published on Thursday 28 November 2019 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for November 2019.

RR - Dakota Bilgin-Darvishi

My pupil of the month goes to Dakota. This little boy has flourished over the last month. He has grown in confidence and now comes to school with a smile on his face. Dakota has applied himself well to his phonics and maths lessons and pushes himself to complete more challenging activities. Dakota displays the most impeccable manners and has an incredibly kind and caring personality. He is the first child to help others and he thrives off a happy class. Dakota, you have been a ray of sunshine in the class. Keep up the fantastic attitude!

RS - Ruby Alderson

Ruby has grown in confidence since the start of Reception. Ruby is now accessing all areas of the curriculum and thoroughly enjoying learning. I have been delighted to see Ruby progress and hope she continues to do so across her school life. 

1D - Alfie Emmerson

Alfie is such a wonderfully caring little boy. His enthusiasm for learning is a joy to see! Alfie has made very pleasing progress since joining year 1, especially with his reading. Alfie has a smile to light up the room and his manners are second to none! What a brilliant role model he is to have in the class. Keep up the hard work Alfie!

1L - Jenson Robson-Kelly

Congratulations to Jenson for being 1L’s Pupil of the Month! Jenson always settles down to do his work without a fuss and produces some wonderful work that he can be proud of. Jenson has such a lovely demeanour and is always smiling. He has settled in well into Year 1 and I can’t wait to see what he achieves throughout the year. Keep up the hard work Jenson! 

1M - Fern Breward

1M’s Pupil of the Month award for November goes to Fern Breward. Fern is the perfect role model in 1M. She has impeccable manners, is known for her kindness and always works exceptionally hard. Fern goes above and beyond in terms of effort when completing her work which is really helping to improve her writing! All adults who work with Fern always comment on how wonderful she truly is and I am very pleased she is a member of 1M! Well done Fern!

2G - Joseph Knighton

My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Joseph Knighton. Joseph is a very hard working member of 2G. He participates extremely well in lessons, always taking part in class discussions. Joseph is always sensible and is a kind and helpful child. He thoroughly deserves this award. Well done! 

2N - Paul-Mason Stewart

Paul-Mason has the largest amount of diamond power that I have ever seen! He gives everything 110% and has the most enthusiastic attitude to his work. He is striving hard to improve his speech and never gives up in anything he does. He is an absolute pleasure to teach and I hope he continues this effort for the rest of the year.

3A - Brodie Lambert-Cousins

Brodie has had a fantastic month in Year 3. She has developed a more mature, settled attitude towards her work and is beginning to become a more reflective learner - recognising what she has done successfully and what she needs to improve on. She is showing so much more Emerald Power and putting her hand up to give every lesson and question a go. She has a conscientious attitude towards reading and is getting 100% scores every week! Amazing attitude, Brodie. Keep it up!

3L - Elijah Blenkinsopp-Weston

After a rocky start to the year, Elijah has now started to show his true potential and is making excellent progress. Hell fully deserves to be November's Pupil of the Month! He is contributing to lessons with interesting and informed responses and has a a positive attitude to learning even if he makes a mistake. I am so proud of the progress he has made this term and he is a great example for others. Well done Elijah, keep up the hard work. 

4F - Akida Makame

This young man has worked extremely hard this month. He has made huge progress in his reading and is working so hard to improve his handwriting. He shows lots of diamond power in everything that he does! I am so proud! Well done Akida! 

4R - Jacob Gatens

Jacob is a fantastic example for Crook Primary School. He is kind, thoughtful and tries his hardest each day. He shows enormous emerald power with his participation in lessons, and is incredibly independent. Jacob takes responsibility for his learning and is eager to master every challenge that comes his way. I am very proud of him. Well done, Jacob!

5A - Rose Philipson

Rose has had an excellent start to Year 5 and has become a key member of 5A. She admits that she has difficulty with her spelling, but she has been using resources to support this. Rose has also become much stronger in Maths as she uses mathematic vocabulary to explain her understanding in tasks. Well done Rose!

5H - Bradley White

Bradley thoroughly deserves to be 5H's pupil of the month. He has impressed by showing motivation to complete work with enthusiasm and maturity. Bradley is a popular member of the class, and is willing to share his thoughts and ideas in class discussions which in turn aids class learning. Bradley is a polite young man and sets a great example to his peers in the classroom. Well done and keep up the hard work!

6O - Lilly-May Hope

Lilly-May has had a great month in 6O. Always contributing to lessons and putting her hand up, Lilly-May has a fantastic attitude to learning and is curious about the world. She is caring, kind and conscientious, and she shares her understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals in topic and science lessons. Keep up the good work Lilly-May!

6T - Evan Ridley

6T's pupil of the month is Evan Ridley because he always strives to achieve his very best and always contributes to classroom discussions. He shows a real enthusiasm for his learning, especially our World War 2 topic. This month he has shown great determination to improve his writing and develop his reasoning skills in maths. Keep up the amazing work Evan!

Well done to 3L Miss Lee's class for this weeks best class attendance: 98.1%

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