Published on Tuesday 11 May 2021 by Crook Primary.

10 May 2021

Pupil of the Week

RR Ella Lynn
RF Taim Alf Ajar
1M Logan Heslop
1L Ivy Hendry
2B Cameron Evans
2N Izzy Storey
3L Paul-Mason Stewart
3D Shay Cavagin
4MB Rhianne Featherstone
4G Joshua Scott
5A Reece Slack
5H Evie Abbott
6O Harry Alderson
6T Ellie Varley

Challenge Star

This week's challenge stars for the challenge to talk about famous art pieces are...

6T Ashton Garland
6O Harry Alderson
5H Holly Miller
5A Oliver Lally
4G Seth Longstaff
4MB Kenny Raine
3D Chelsea Hodgson
3L Rosie Davies
2N Mia Gibson
2B Anya Atkinson
1L Isla Jordan
1M Ayden George

    Holiday Activities Survey

    Published on Friday 7 May 2021 by Crook Primary.

    Durham County Council invite you to complete this survey regarding free holiday activities to be run across County Durham.

      Challenge Winners

      Published on Tuesday 4 May 2021 by Crook Primary.

      This week's challenge stars for the challenge to try extra hard in the daily mile are...

      6T Victor Nikolov
      6O Danny Bailes
      5H Ella Turner
      5A Oliver Lally
      4G Charlie Slack
      4MB Willow Routledge
      3D Dylan Fairgreve
      3L Syd Meisuria
      2N Alannah Coates
      2B Sammy Cummings
      1L Noah Best
      1M Archie Spencer


        Pupil of the Month

        Published on Friday 30 April 2021 by Crook Primary.

        Today we announced our pupils of the month for April 2021.

        RF - Amelia Bowes

        My pupil of the month is Amelia. It has been wonderful to watch her confidence blossom and develop over time. She has blown my socks off when she took the lead choreographing a dance with her friends. Amelia even had the confidence to perform this in front of the whole Reception unit. Well done for being so brave Amelia and for sharing your thoughts and ideas when working in a team. Keep up the great work! 

        RR - Freddie Underwood

        My pupil of the month goes to Freddie Underwood. Freddie has shown an exceptional attitude towards school over the last month and I have been extremely impressed by his Topic knowledge. The amount of knowledge this little man has about the outdoors is astronomical and it has been a pleasure to learn from Freddie - he has been keeping me right with the gardening! Well done, Freddie!

        1M - Isabelle Addison

        1M's Pupil of the Month is Isabelle Addison! Isabelle is a lovely young lady who always tries extremely hard in everything she does. She has been a wonderful friend to our two new members of 1M and shows everyone respect and kindness. Isabelle has a love for learning which is fantastic to see in class. Well done Isabelle. A very well deserved award!

        2B - Skyla-Rose Milburn

        Since returning to school for the final term of Y2, Sklya-Rose has blown me away with her enthusiasm for learning. She has dove head first into our new topic and is really passionate about the history she is learning about! She has worked hard to conduct her own historical research and is eager to teach others about what she has found out which is setting an amazing example for the rest of the class. As always, Skyla has shown amazing Ruby power to myself and her classmates. Her kind words make me smile and she is a great friend to others! Well done Skyla, keep it up!

        2N - Lilly-Anne Reed

        2N's pupil of the month for April is Lilly. Lilly is kind, caring, helpful and has an excellent attitude towards her learning. She absolutely loves school and always comes in with the warmest smile on her face. She is a wonderful partner in class and is always involved in class discussions. Her happiness radiates towards myself and the rest of the class and she is an absolute joy to have in the classroom. Keep up the amazing work ethic Lilly.

        3D - Niamh Clarey

        Since returning to school, Niamh has continuously shown and used her emerald and sapphire power within the classroom. She is always eager to contribute to class discussions, tries her best to write neatly and completes tasks independently, as well as supporting her peers whenever possible. Niamh always ensures others in the class are happy and has somebody to play with, or will simply enjoy having a conversation with friends or teachers. Well done Niamh!

        3L - Jack Sproat

        Not only since returning to school but also during online learning, Jack has stood out as really valuing his education. He has such a fantastic attitude to learning; always completing homework, and challenges and always puts 100% effort into anything that he does. He is conscientious and displays exemplary behaviour at all times. Jack is a pleasure to have in 3L. 

        4G - Lacey-Mae Lally

        My pupil of the month this month is awarded to Lacey-Mae. Since our return to school, Lacey-Mae has sparkled with emerald and sapphire power. She is always focused in every lesson and avoids distractions around her. As well as this, Lacey-Mae participates in every lesson sharing her ideas and contributing even if she is unsure. She is always taking risks in her learning and having a go. Well done Lacey-Mae!

        4MB - Elijah Blenkinsop-Weston

        It is a great pleasure to award Elijah with our Pupil of the Month award for 4MB. Since returning to school Elijah has shown great determination to succeed and has greatly improved his participation in lessons and the effort that he is giving his independent work. The transformation in his attitude has been fantastic and we are very proud of him. Keep it up Elijah and you will do great things!  

        5A - Hollie Poulter

        Hollie has come back to school and has slowly grown into school life. I use Hollie's presentation as an example for other children to use as a good example. When challenged to put herself forward and have a go at a task, she will give a really good go, even if she finds it difficult.  During group discussions, Hollie will put relevant ideas forward to support the learning of others. Well done Hollie!

        5H - Emily Bowden

        I have been blown away with the effort that Emily has been putting into her work since returning to school. This is particularly evident in her maths, as she is working so hard to master all the new techniques we are learning. She is setting her own goals and doing everything that she can to reach them. She is not afraid to ask for help when she needs to and will also work independently to achieve what she wants to. Emily is such a lovely, helpful member of 5H and a great role model and friend. I love watching her developing have-a-go nature and her growing confidence in her own abilities. Well done Emily! 

        6O - Rose Philipson

        Rose has blown me away this month with her mature attitude upon returning to school. She has shown consistent contribution to the classroom through discussion time with her partner or group, and by putting her hand up to answer questions. She always does her best in everything she tries and is making lots of progress. Well done Rose!

        6T - Ryan Donaldson

        6T's Pupil of the Month award is Ryan Donaldson. He has grown in confidence this year and now contributes regularly to class discussions. His resilience has improved and he now strives to improve the quality of his work. He is well-mannered and works well with the other children in his group.