Advent Reading Challenge

Published on Thursday 2 December 2021 by Crook Primary.

Why not try our reading advent in the run up to Christmas! There are some wonderful suggestions for all ages. Our younger readers could read their Collins Big Cat book as well as other stories from home!

    Pupil of the Month

    Published on Friday 26 November 2021 by Crook Primary.

    Today we announced our pupils of the month for November 2021.

    RF - Joshua Austin
    This month our pupil of the month in RF is Joshua Austin. Joshua has embraced our new topic and has thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Autumn. Through our topic we have learnt lots of new vocabulary, which Joshua has soaked up like a sponge. It has been wonderful to hear Joshua using this new vocabulary in the correct context and incorporating it into his play. Well done for blowing my socks off with your exceptional topic knowledge. Keep up the hard work Joshua!

    RR - Hallie Green
    RR's Pupil of the Month goes to Hallie Green. Hallie is an exceptional member of our class and over the past month I have watched Hallie's confidence grow. She is the epitome of the Reception ethos as she has curiosity, reasoning and independent thinking. These skills are transferred as she plays around the unit. Hallie takes the time out to explore her learning whilst also playing with others. She is a popular member of our unit and this is no surprise as Hallie truly is a little ray of sunshine. Well done, Hallie!

    1M - Leona Watret
    1M’s Pupil of the Month award goes to Leona Watret. Leona has been working incredibly hard this month and has really impressed! She always completes her jobs independently when needed and has really taken her time to ensure each activity is completed to the best of her ability. Her hard work and determination have really helped her show some good progress this term and I am really excited to see what else she can achieve in the upcoming months. Well done Leona! Keep up the good work!

    1N - Misha Glaister
    1N’s Pupil of the Month award goes to Misha Glaister. Misha always contributes during lessons and always tries her best in all of her tasks. She is a very polite and helpful member of the class and is a great friend to everyone. Misha has been trying exceptionally hard to be more independent when in the classroom and she has made some good progress! Well done Misha. Keep up the fantastic work!

    2AD - Robbie Clarey
    Robbie has had an excellent start to Year 2. He has shown a matured attitude towards his peers and learning. Robbie has made distinct progress towards improving his emerald power. He is learning to regulate his emotions, accept new learning challenges and give every learning opportunity a go. He is consistently eager to learn, share his ideas and develop his critical thinking skills. Miss Adlington and Mrs Dodds are incredibly proud of this start and hope it continues! Well done, Robbie. Keep it up!

    2B - Frankie Morante-Closs
    2B's Pupil of the Month for November is Frankie! Frankie has worked extremely hard to earn this award recently, showing heaps of diamond power! He has been increasingly pushing himself in his work to do more and get better results. This is really paying off as the progress is easy to see. Frankie is a kind and helpful member of our class and is always quick to be by the side of anyone who needs a friend or a helping hand. Frankie shows great resilience in all he does and always has a smile on his face which brightens up my day! Frankie has sapphire power in abundance and uses it on the carpet and in independent work so that he is always on task. Well done, Frankie!

    3D - Teddy Buston
    Teddy is a polite and well-mannered boy who acts as a positive role model to his peers, always showing his Sapphire and Ruby Powers. Teddy always engages with classroom discussions and continues to persevere when he doesn't quite understand something, understanding that mistakes help us learn. Well done Teddy, keep up the good work!

    3P - Maisie Clarey
    Maisie has shown an amazing attitude towards her learning and is always striving to improve. Not only does Maisie take on board feedback that she then applies immediately in her work she also finds opportunities to practice things she found/finds difficult both at home and volunteers her lunchtimes. Maisie is also a fantastic support to her classmates, she is often the first to offer help to others and will always be the sound of reason to help children work through any differences of opinion. Well done Maisie, keep it up!

    4G - Fiona Norman
    My pupil of the month this month is awarded to Fiona. Fiona is a great role model to have in the classroom. She always takes part in class discussions, and she works well both independently and in a group. Fiona is very focused on her learning and avoids distractions which demonstrates lots of sapphire power. Fiona is also very resilient. She loves to give things a go, and she is always curious to find out more surrounding her learning. Fiona has lovely manners and is very supportive of her classmates. Well done Fiona!

    4L - Rosie Davies
    Rosie is sunshine in human form! She always tries her best in everything that she does and takes immense pride in her work. All work she produces is of a very high standard and beautifully presented. She sets an example to others with her excellent behaviour and is not only a credit to 4L, but to Crook Primary School. Well done Rosie, keep up the hard work!

    5A - Kenny Raine
    Kenny has had a superb month. Kenny has shone in science, geography and design and technology over the last month. He always participates and has a very good general knowledge that he shares with others and links to his new learning. Using this new knowledge, Kenny created an impressive non-chronological report on Uranus. Well done Kenny!

    5MB - Quinn Brown
    Quinn always shows enthusiasm for learning and displays curiosity by asking and answering questions. Quinn's handwriting is improving and he shows resilience in even the most challenging of tasks. Quinn is kind and polite and a positive role model to the rest of the class. Well done Quinn. Keep up the hard work.

    6O - Emma Kate Wessels
    Emma Kate is an absolute joy to teach. She has had a fantastic month - be it winning in the TT Rockstars league tables, or writing WW2-themed stories at home, Emma Kate is always showing enthusiasm towards her education. She shows all of the learning behaviours expected of her and is well-mannered and kind. I can't wait to see the wonderful work that Emma Kate is yet to produce this year. Well done "Elin"!

    6T - Thomas Buliga
    Thomas is 6T's pupil of the month because he strives to produce work of a high standard and gives 100% in everything that he does. He has a great work ethic and contributes to class discussions with confidence. He enthusiastically completes every learning challenge that he is given. Keep up the amazing work Thomas!

      Pupil of the Week

      Published on Friday 19 November 2021 by Crook Primary.

      19 November 2021

      RR Ahmad Alfajr
      RF Luca Norman
      1M Alfie Lawson
      1N Arthur Hendry
      2AD Gracie-May Walton
      2B Isabelle Addison
      3P Imogen McManus
      3D Skye O'Prey
      4L Harrison Pollock
      5A Phoebe Lloyd
      5MB Kate Barker
      6O Grace Philipson
      6T Millie Nicholson-Rogers

        Pupil of the Week

        Published on Friday 12 November 2021 by Crook Primary.

        12 November 2021

        RR Jamie Gibbon
        RF Amelia-Rose Johns
        1M Ellie Chalder
        1N Abi Gregory
        2B Halle Buddin
        2AD Larissa Green
        3P Paddy Lambert-Cousins
        3D Mia Gibson
        4L Tia Bell
        4G Charlie Agar
        5Mb Matthew Watts
        5A Harriet Cummings
        6O Jacob Gatens
        6T Gabriel Makame