Pupil of the Week

Published on Friday 14 January 2022 by Crook Primary.

14 January 2022

RF Layth Al Soliman
RR Declan Irwin
1N Savannah Klijn
2AD Isla Jordan
2B Abigail Bowes
3D Amelia Harvey
3P Jack Moore
4L Jack Sproat
4G Noah Wilkinson
5MB Ava Anderson
5A Scarlett Grainger
6O Christy King-Belshaw
6T Abbie Coney

    Pupil of the Week

    Published on Friday 7 January 2022 by Crook Primary.

    7 January 2022

    RR Winter Balmer
    RF Ollie Sproat
    1N Alfie Hird
    1M Oscar Fullerton
    2B Reemas Al Soliman
    2AD Aiden Coleman
    3P Harry Maskill
    3D Skye O'Prey
    4L Ethan Koch
    4G Niamh Clarey
    5MB Joseph Morante Closs
    5A Jayden Dunn
    6O Blake Bestford
    6T Rhys Mills/ Caleb Glaister

      Homework Diary

      Published on Thursday 6 January 2022 by Crook Primary.

      This week, all children in Key Stage 2 will be bringing home a new 'Homework Diary'. These outline the homework set each night in terms of reading, spelling and maths in their class. This will be taken home each evening and should be returned the next day. We would like parents/carers to sign when the homework is completed and staff will check this every day. Thank you for your support.

        Pupil of the Month

        Published on Friday 17 December 2021 by Crook Primary.

        Today we announced our pupils of the month for December 2021.

        RF - Freddie Breward
        RF's pupil of the month goes to Freddie Breward. Freddie always contributes to lessons and is so eager to share his learning with his friends. Freddie gives every task 100% effort and he completes all of his work to a very high standard. I am particularly blown away with Freddie's math's skills this month as he always thinks outside of the box, when using his problem solving skills. I am very proud of you Freddie, keep up the hard work!

        RR - Danielle Slack
        The pupil of the month in RR is Danielle Slack. This little girl is incredibly kind and caring and she is a wonderful example to the children of what a true friend looks like. Danielle looks for opportunities to help and share and she is always the first person to cheer up her friends. Danielle is an absolute delight to have in my classroom and especially in December, she has helped to spread the Christmas magic throughout Reception.
        You are a shining star, Danielle! Well done!

        1M - Ellie Chalder
        1M's Pupil of the Month for December is awarded to Ellie Chalder. Ellie has outdone herself this month. She has shone with diamond power by making a tremendous effort to complete tasks independently. Ellie's behaviour has been particularly fantastic this month. She has always made the right choices and has been focused and ready to participate in lessons straight after breaktime. Ellie has shown some great progress, particularly in her writing. Keep up the brilliant work! Well done, Ellie!

        1N - Ruben-John Stewart
        1N's Pupil of the Month goes to Ruben-John Stewart. Ruben uses his Ruby and Sapphire powers each day to ensure he is continuously on task during group and independent tasks. Ruben acts as a positive role model to his peers and contributes as an exceptional class member, with his polite manners and enthusiastic attitude towards learning. Ruben always engages with classroom discussions, he is determined and committed to accept new learning challenges to push himself further with his learning while giving 100% effort at all times. Well Done Ruben!

        2AD - Ivy Hendry
        Ivy is such a delightful young lady who is always a joy to have in the class! Her ability to explain her thinking is second to none and she is always a very supportive friend to her peers to support their learning too. Ivy has a passion for the arts; her artistic skills are fantastic and she always tries to include lots of detail into her pieces. Her musical ability is also a strength. She has thoroughly enjoyed 'band camp' afterschool club and has even starred in a solo performance of 'Jingle Bells' on the glockenspiel. Ivy is an all rounder and such a pleasure to teach - she shows gem power in abundance each and every day!

        2B - Isabelle Addison
        Isabelle is 2B's Pupil of the Month for December because she is simply a superstar! Isabelle takes so much pride in her work and will not settle for anything less than the best, she pushes herself to her limits and has a fantastic growth mindset! Nothing is unattainable for Isabelle. She brings character to the classroom, positively engages during lessons and is a model for other pupils in terms of her kindness and manners! Keep it up Isabelle and well done!

        3D - Skyla-Rose Milburn
        Skyla-Rose is an absolute delight to have in the classroom. She is a very honest and trustworthy person who tries to help others make the right decision. Skyla-Rose always puts 110% effort into her work, acknowledging feedback and enjoys editing her work in response to feedback. Skyla-Rose, you are STAR! Congratulations on being 3D's Pupil of the Month.

        3P - Lilly-Anne Reed
        Lilly absolutely deserves to be pupil of the month! Day in, day out Lilly has an amazing attitude towards her learning and is always pushing herself to improve and understand where mistakes have been made and how to learn from them. This fantastic growth mindset is infectious and is helping those children around her for whom she willingly seeks to support. The progress Lilly has made since joining year 3 is something she should be proud of, she has faced challenges head on with determination and an abundance of resilience. Keep it up Lil's - you're a superstar!

        4G - Ethan Crawford
        My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Ethan Crawford. Ethan is such a friendly member of 4G who is very polite and considerate. He is always willing to help others, and he shows empathy and respect. Ethan loves to take part in class discussions. He always contributes to lessons, and he takes responsibility for his learning by always trying to achieve more. This award is very much deserved this month! Well done Ethan!

        4L - Ethan Koch
        Ethan has grown in confidence over the last month, particularly in Maths. He is beginning to enjoy lessons and it is so lovely to see him taking more interest in the subject. He is gaining resilience and confidence to show his understanding and ability to select methods that suit him and use these, applying them to new contexts. Ethan is a pleasure to have in class and is always willing to support others and offer contributions to learning. Keep up the hard work Ethan!

        5A - Savanna Hindmarsh
        Savanna has a very strong can do attitude to all areas of the curriculum. This month, she has produced a fantastic newspaper report on the landing of the Tim Peake and has been successful in area and perimeter in maths. Savanna always participates in lessons and shines in diamond power by using resources independently to help her in her learning. Well done Savanna!

        5MB - Matthew Watts
        Matthew is a fantastic member of 5MB who is kind, helpful and polite who always sets a great example to his peers. Matthew is an independent learner and contributes to class discussions when he feels it is appropriate. Matthew has shown resilience and determination with his maths assessment in particular, where it is clear he thinks carefully about the task at hand. Well done Matthew and keep up the hard work!

        6O - Kyla George
        Kyla has seriously impressed me this month. She has worked hard to show enthusiasm in all aspects of her learning, from putting herself forward to take on new roles and responsibilities in the classroom to writing her own thriller stories and poems to share with the class. Kyla is always kind and friendly and can bring a smile to anyone's face! Well done for your hard work this month Kyla.

        6T - Kesha Barker
        Kesha is 6T's pupil of the month because she is an absolute joy to teach. She has had a great month - she has shown great resilience in DT when making her own bag, helped her classmates when they have faced problems, shown enthusiasm for her learning by writing a poem for our Christmas film and is well-mannered and always ready to learn. Well done Kesha - keep up the amazing work!