Santa's guide to a Covid safe Christmas

Published on Tuesday 1 December 2020 by Crook Primary.

Santa's guide to a Covid safe Christmas

"Things are going to be a bit different, but that doesn't mean Christmas isn't happening"

That's the message from Santa Claus ahead of what is surely to be a festive season unlike any other.

Click here to watch the video and read the BBC article. 

    Pupil of the Month

    Published on Friday 27 November 2020 by Crook Primary.

    Today we announced our pupils of the month for November 2020.

    RF - Misha Glaister

    My pupil of the month is Misha Glaister. Misha has shown herself to be a hardworking little girl across all areas and she has such an enthusiastic approach to learning. It is great to see her putting her enthusiasm for learning into practice at home too and practicing her number and phonics skills. Misha's progress is wonderful to watch and she is an absolute delight to have in class. Keep up the fantastic work Misha! 

    RR - Neve Dunn

    My pupil of the month for November goes to the lovely Neve. This little girl has been an absolute delight. Neve is thriving in school and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Neve flourish over the past few months. She has been amazing me with her number skills and her desire to learn more has been infectious. Neve's kindness has also been another wonderful trait that she beholds, as she is always there to take care of her friends. Well done, Neve!

    1L - Ashton Allerton

    Congratulations Ashton on being 1L’s Pupil of the Month! Since returning from half term break I have seen a different side to you. You are very hardworking and more willing to give things a go, even if you find them a bit silly! You have started to really think and reason in maths and can spot patterns even before I do! Your handwriting is your biggest achievement this term, becoming a lot neater and correctly formed. Well done Ashton! Keep up with the hard work!  

    1M - Abigail Bowes

    1M's Pupil of the Month award for November goes to Abigail Bowes. Abigail is an absolute delight to have in 1M. All adults agree that she is a little ray of sunshine in the classroom and a joy to teach. She has worked incredibly hard since joining Year 1 and has continued to give 100% effort ever since. Abigail is a wonderful friend to everyone in 1M and she can always be relied upon when anyone needs her. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds for Abigail. Well done and keep up the fantastic work!

    2B - Anya Atkinson

    Anya is my Star of the Month for November because she is such an amazing role model to her peers around her. Anya gives 100% in every single piece of work she completes and even when she finds work tricky, she remains positive and uses her growth mindset to persevere and succeed. Not only does Anya try hard to be successful in her own work but she is also eager to help her peers to succeed. Anya is extremely helpful and is a lovely pupil to have in class. You are doing fantastic Anya!

    2N - Tommy Dobson

    November's pupil of the month goes to Tom Dobson. Tom has a fantastic work ethic and tries hard in everything he does. He has worked hard to improve his reading and handwriting over the last term and has made good progress. Tom is a polite and friendly boy who sets a great example to the rest of the class. He is helpful to other members and shows fantastic resilience inside and outside of the classroom. Well done Tom!

    3D - Harry Gibson

    Harry has gone above and beyond this month to improve his own skills and subject knowledge. Each week I have had an email from a family member sending photos of additional work that Harry has completed out of choice - for example asking his dad to write math's questions for him to complete which relates to what we have been learning about. Harry has matured since the beginning of Y3 and now acts as a positive role model for others in the class and school, and always has a smile on his face!

    3L - Rosie Davies

    Rosie is such a ray of sunshine. She listens intently and always tries to include what has been taught in her work. She will listen and respond to feedback to try and improve her work which is always produced to a high standard. She takes responsibility for her learning and strives to be the best she can be. Her behaviour is excellent; displaying gem powers at all times, she is a great friend and she is an absolute pleasure to teach. 

    4G - Harriet Cummings

    My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Harriet. Harriet is a fantastic role model to have in the classroom. She works well both independently and with a group, and she always faces her learning with a positive attitude. Harriet is a curious member of the class who enjoys learning. She gives everything a go and shows great resilience. Well done Harriet!  

    4MB - Quinn Brown

    Quinn is a fantastic member of 4MB who is polite, kind and determined. His confidence has improved greatly and he often puts his hand up to ask and answer questions. Quinn has shown that he is independent in his learning and sets a brilliant example to his peers. Well done Quinn and keep up the hard work!

    5A - Hollie Poulter

    Hollie has an excellent month in 5A. Her math's book is beautifully presented, and her explanations for answers are very good, with excellent use of mathematical language. In English, Hollie has provided the class with some very good ideas and language to use in their writing of an adventure story. Well done Hollie!

    5H - Jacob Gatens

    Jacob always comes to school with a fantastic attitude and strives to do his best in all lessons. Regardless of the theme, subject or difficulty of any topic, he looks at each lesson as a challenge and has a wonderful positive outlook. He has impressed me with his ability to make links between different lessons and his own prior learning. Jacob is a great role model to all, helpful to all and a kind member of 5H. I am really proud of all he does. 

    6O - Benjamin Symcox

    Ben has worked really hard this month to progress to his green book in English and to develop his understanding in maths. He is a team player who works well with others, can make compromises and uses listening skills well to improve his communication in group work. I have really been impressed with the level of enthusiasm shown by Ben in our topic work. Keep it up!

    6T - Emma Frost

    6T's Pupil of the Month award goes to Emma because she has grown in confidence in terms of her contributions to class discussions, and she is able to manage any distractions to focus on her learning. She has also demonstrated resilience when faced with new concepts and developed the ability to work as part of a team.

      Bedtime Stories

      Published on Friday 20 November 2020 by Crook Primary.

      Over the last few weeks we have been asking children about reading. We have found out that overall only 26% of children have a story read to them every night and only 55% of our children read every night. Please help us to help your children by hearing them read and now the nights are dark, there is nothing better than a bedtime story. 


        Weekly Awards

        Published on Friday 20 November 2020 by Crook Primary.

        20 November 2020

        Pupil of the Month

        RR Skye Johnson
        RF Reuben-John Stewart
        1M Paul-Junior Quinn
        1L Larissa Green
        2B Thea Allwood
        2N Izzy Storey
        3L Charlie Mcintyre
        3D Niamh Clarey
        4G Ameila Defty-Wallace
        4MB Harry Fairhurst
        5H Ella Turner
        6T Jacey Coleman
        6O Samantha Davison

        Challenge Star

        1M Aiden George
        1L Robbie Clarey
        2N Theo Brown
        2B Teddy Buston
        3L Eve Ross
        3D Harry Gibson
        4MB Ava Anderson
        4G Lucy Donaldson
        5H Evie Abbott
        5A Leah Hardy
        6O Symone Meisuria
        6T Archie Appleby