Pupil of the Week

Published on Friday 12 July 2024 by Crook Primary.

12 July 2024

RA Oscar Reed
RW Ava Harvey
1M Ruby Hirst
1L Amelia Holmes
2B Wais Ahmed
2DT Declan Irwin
3F Freddie Sproat
3S Jenson Coleman
4L Ana-Lucia Norman
5A Jack Moore
5BT Imogen McManus
6O Charlie Agar
6T Eve Ross

    Pupil of the Week

    Published on Thursday 4 July 2024 by Crook Primary.

    4 July 2024

    RA Oscar Reed
    RW Alyssa Belshaw
    1M Millie Winter
    1L Brutus Atkinson
    2DT Olivia Bell
    2B Ahmad Alfajr
    3F Daniel Reed
    3S Jiaxin Yang
    4L Steven Atkinson
    5A Skyla Rose-Milburn
    5BT Teddy Genner
    6O Jessica Tingle
    6T Connor Atkinson

      Pupil of the Month

      Published on Friday 28 June 2024 by Crook Primary.

      Today we announced our pupils of the month for June 2024.

      Pupil of the Month

      RA - Esmae Freeman
      Esmae is an absolute delight to have in our classroom. Her manners are impeccable, her kindness shines through and she has been showing a real determination to succeed. Over the course of the year, Esmae has developed many of her learning skills and she is now confident when putting her hand up and joining in with class discussions. It has been wonderful to see this shift as she has marvelled us with her lovely ideas. Esmae truly is a beautiful little girl, both inside and out. She has not only succeeded this month but all year round so this really is deserved. Well done, Esmae!

      RW - Bobbie Collins
      Our pupil of the month for June is awarded to Bobbie. Bobbie has worked with determination this year and has blossomed in her friendships, personality and learning attitudes. Bobbie uses her time well at school and optimises the learning opportunities. She has shown such resilience as the year has progressed and no challenge is too big for her. Bobbie has been developing her self-confidence and self-belief and I have seen this shining through.

      1L - Chloe Crossley
      Congratulations to Chloe for being 1L’s Pupil of the Month. Chloe is always the first person ready at the start of each lesson and is a fantastic role model to all. She listens well and as a result has produced some wonderful work this month. Every day, she consistently works hard to produce written work of a high standard and her handwriting is stunning. Her determination and resilience have significantly improved since she started in Year 1 and I could not be prouder of her. She is kind and thoughtful and an absolute pleasure to see each day. Chloe is a fantastic reader and has worked her socks off practicing at home and at school. Well done Chloe – you have achieved so much!

      1M - Archie Belshaw
      1M’s Pupil of the month for June is awarded to Archie Belshaw. Archie has developed so much diamond and emerald power over the last term. He seeks any and all opportunities to complete extra tasks and is wonderfully helpful. Archie is such a well-rounded little boy. He is equal parts intelligent and funny. His great sense of humour has really shone through this week and he truly brightens up our day. Archie has tried especially hard when completing our recent summer assessments. His enthusiasm for learning has really paid off and he has achieved so much. Well done, Archie!

      2DT - Annabelle Cannon
      What can we say about Annabelle? She is simply the most wonderful pupil to have in the class! She oozes ruby power as she is a great friend to many. She is also an incredibly helpful and supportive partner during carpet time and table activities. Annabelle is able to work independently and this shows us how ready she is for Y3! She will give anything a go and is happy to seek help if there is anything that she is unsure of - fantastic emerald power! Annabelle has blown us away with her progress in all areas but we are especially proud of her progress in Maths. Her confidence has sky rocketed and it is a pleasure to see. Well done, Annabelle!

      2B - Hollie Rose Davies
      Hollie has been working extra hard these last few weeks in order to prepare for KS2 and has definitely earned herself the final pupil of the month award for this school year! Hollie is such a respectful, kind and helpful member of the class. No job is too big for Hollie and she is often the first person to volunteer to help out her peers and members of staff alike. Hollie's focus has improved in recent months and this is paying off in regards to her academic progress. She is so speedy when recalling number facts and her reading is becoming much more fluent. Keep up all the hard work Hollie!

      3S - Abigail Gregory
      Pupil of the month in 3S has simply got to be Abi! She comes into school everyday with such enthusiasm for the day ahead and is always eager to help me with any classroom jobs. Abi has fantastic sapphire power and is able to remain focused on any task, and her hand is always first up to offer valuable suggestions- I have loved hearing her recent creative contributions in our shared write of an alternative ending to The Egyptian Cinderella. I am also extremely proud of the work Abi has done in her role as an E-Cadet this month, when she was a model pupil in presenting the E-Cadets' team project in Durham Town Hall. Keep up your wonderfully positive attitude Abi!

      3F - Neve Dunn
      Congratulations to Neve Dunn for being 3F's Pupil of the Month. Neve is an absolute delight to have in class and can always be relied on to follow the rules and routines, demonstrating she is a sensible member of the class. Neve has a natural flair for writing and not only did her entry for National Handwriting impress me, but her narrative in our English cycle was wonderful too! She is always looking for ways to improve her writing and is always eager to use as many grammatical features as she can. I could not be more proud of her for working so hard! Keep up the great work Neve!

      4G - Mia Graves
      My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Mia. Mia is a fantastic role model to have in 4G as she displays excellent behaviour. She is always concentrating in lessons and focused on her tasks, and she completes all of her work to a high standard. Mia is becoming more confident in the classroom as the year goes on. There are many times now where she will put her hand up and contribute her ideas in lessons. She is an extremely polite and caring young girl and she really deserves this award. Well done Mia!

      4L - Abigail Bowes
      Abigail has the most amazing attitude to learning. In my time here at Crook Primary, I have never needed to speak to her about anything other than positive reasons and she is such a good role model to others. She has always got a positive, energetic attitude which rubs off onto others and inspires them to shine a little brighter. She has made amazing progress this year and has done fantastic on her assessments this week. Well done Abigail, Mr Simpson!

      5M - Finley Baines
      Finley is a delight to have in the class. He sets a fantastic example to his peers with his excellent attitude to learning and wonderful behaviour. Finley is extremely kind, helpful and respectful in the classroom and around the school. He has a lot of determination and resilience, and is persevering to improve his handwriting. Finley displays all of the gem powers by being ready to learn, contributing to class discussions, controlling distractions and having lovely manners. Well done Finley - this is thoroughly deserved.

      5BT - Fern Breward
      Having been in 5B recently, Fern has stood out as someone who always does the right thing. She has presented work beautifully, and has just got on with the task in hand. I'm really shocked she has not had Pupil of the Month yet in Year 5 as she sparkles with all of the gem powers! Well done Fern! Miss Lee

      6O - Gracie-Lea Henry
      Gracie-Lea has worked so hard this month when learning algebra in maths and is showing so much confidence and independence. She also shines when practising Year 6 performance as she always puts in 110% effort when she sings. She always shows impeccable behaviour and manners, and works excellently with a team. Gracie-Lea is proving that she is more than ready for secondary school with her mature and sensible attitude. Well done!

      6T - Abi-Jane Smith
      6T's pupil of the month is Abi-Jane. She always demonstrates a fantastic attitude towards her learning. In every lesson, she shines with 'Emerald power' as she is very resilient and independent. She also shows lots of 'Ruby power' with her kindness towards others and 'Sapphire power' as she manages her distractions to focus on her learning in every subject. Continue the amazing work Abi-Jane!

        Pupil of the Week

        Published on Friday 14 June 2024 by Crook Primary.

        14 June 2024

        RW Isaac Parker
        RA Leo Fisk
        1M Archie Belshaw
        1L Hunter-James Hutchinson
        2B Florence Powley
        2DT Eva Langham
        2S Ruben-John Stewart
        3F The Bowes Twins!
        4G Scarlett Charles
        4L Carter French
        5M Lilly-Anne Reed
        5A Kobe Egglestone
        6O Chelsea Hodgson
        6T Poppy Wallace

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