Published on Friday 9 July 2021 by Crook Primary.

9 July 2021

Gem Winners

The gem winners for this half term are...

RR Olivia Hunter
RF Daniel Reed
1M Frankie Morante-Closs
1L Ivy Mae Hendry
2B Finlay Craggs
2N Bailey Harrison
3L Eve Ross
3D Ethan Crawford
4MB Saphira Johnston
4G Jayden Dunn
5A Blake Bestford
5H Jacob Gatens
6T Taylor Reed
6O Kacey Smith

Pupil of the Week

RR JJ Denham
RF Lachlan Connor
1M Mia-Rose Kitch
1L Robbie Clarey
2B Anya Atkinson
2M Isabella Massam
3L Paul Mason Stewart
3D Noah Ballan
4MB Poppie & Daisie Allchurch
4G Matthew Watts
5A Aikada Makame
5H Eve Lonsdale
6O Annabelle Warriner
6T Kelsey Beesley


    Published on Friday 2 July 2021 by Crook Primary.

    2 July 2021

    Pupil of the Week

    1M Jude Johnson
    1L Evie Goundry
    2B Beaux Poulter
    2M Harry Maskell
    3L Ethan Koch
    3D Charlie Agar
    4MB Willow Saunders
    4G Joseph Marante- Closs
    5A Samuel Lyons
    5H Sophie Newman
    6O Bradley Hodgson
    6T Ebony Snow

      Pupil of the Month

      Published on Friday 25 June 2021 by Crook Primary.

      Today we announced our pupils of the month for June 2021.

      RF - Indie-Mai Sung Brown

      My pupil of the month goes to Indie-Mai Sung Brown. Indie-Mai blows me away each week with her dedication to learning. She is such a curious little girl and is like a sponge soaking up as much information as she can. Indie-Mai is such a resilient, hardworking member of the class and she gives every task she completes 100% effort, which shows throughout all of her work. She is an absolute pleasure to teach and she should be very proud of all of her achievements. Keep up the great work Indie-Mai!

      RR - Skye Johnson

      My pupil of the month goes to the wonderful Skye Johnson. Skye has made so much progress throughout this year and she has amazed me with her resilience. She is a delightful little girl and she brightens my day every time she walks through the day. Skye has a beautiful view of the world and she aims to share this with all of her friends. She is kind and caring and loves to be at school. Skye, you have made me so proud and you should be very proud of yourself! Well done!

      1L - Noah Best

      Congratulations Noah on being 1L's Pupil of the Month! You must be bursting with emerald power this month because you always give everything a go, even when you find things tricky. You believe in yourself and know that if you work hard and try your best, you can achieve anything. Your attitude to your learning is tremendous and you make me so proud each day! Well done!

      1M - Carter French

      1M's 'Pupil of the Month' award for June goes to Carter French. Carter is a delightful young man who has tried extremely hard in his work this term. He has continuously shown how well behaved he is and he has been a role model to others in the class. Carter always shows kindness to other children. He is such a good friend to everyone in the class and was particularly supportive to our most recent class members who joined us this term. Well done Carter! Keep up the fantastic work.

      2B - Theia Allwood

      Theia has all of the attributes of a good learner and she is a joy to have in the classroom. I can always count on Theia to be fully focussed in her work and give 110% effort to all of her independent work. She is resilient in the face of a challenge and understands that her mistakes help her to learn. She is a kind and gentle friend to others in the classroom and it has been lovely to watch Theia form a friendship group of her own recently! Keep it up Theia!

      2N - Mia Gibson

      Mia has had a fantastic year. She has a mature attitude to her learning, loves school and sets a wonderful example to the rest of her peers. She has made outstanding progress across all subjects and has lovely friendships within both classes. She has a bright and bubbly personality and always takes part in class activities. Keep up the fantastic work ethic Mia!

      3D - Dylan Fairgrieve

      3D's pupil of the month is Dylan!
      Dylan is always a polite and well-mannered boy who acts as a positive role model to his peers, as he always uses his Ruby power to show kindness. Dylan consistently focuses on his handwriting and presentation, making sure that it is as neat as it can be! Dylan always contributes to class discussions and tries to use subject specific vocabulary whenever possible. Well done Dylan, great work!

      3L - Jayden Taylor

      Jayden puts 100% effort into all that he does. He is such a hardworking member of the class and this shows in the work he produces. I can always rely on Jayden to take part in any task he is given sensibly, as his behaviour is excellent. Jayden always contributes to lessons and is always one of the first to answer questions particularly during online learning. He has a good attitude towards learning and always listens intently to learning input. Great job Jayden - well done!

      4G - Scarlett Grainger

      My pupil of the month this month is awarded to Scarlett. Scarlett has worked extremely hard to improve her levels of concentration and is now much more focused in the classroom, demonstrating lots of sapphire power. Scarlett always listens attentively, and she loves to share her ideas and contribute to class discussions. She has lovely manners, and is always willing to help with jobs around the classroom. I am so proud of the effort Scarlett is putting into her school work, and I hope she keeps this up. Well done Scarlett!

      4MB - Lacey Stephenson

      Lacey is very deserving of being 4MB's pupil of the month. Lacey always gives everything 100% effort whatever the task. She has shown great resilience and persistence in her learning and is improving in confidence. Lacey now contributes more to learning and puts her hand up to answer questions in class which is lovely to see. Keep up the hard work Lacey - well done!

      5A - Sophie Scott

      Sophie has had a great year, and is continuing to work hard up to the end of the school year. Sophie has become much more confident to put her hand up and share her understanding, or to read aloud to the class. Sophie has also produced some amazing writing in her non-chronological report. Well done Sophie!

      5H - Emma Kate Wessels

      Emma Kate is a fantastic role model. She is so enthusiastic and clearly loves learning. She is kind and caring towards all children and always has a smile on her face. Emma Kate's confidence has grown so much and she looks for the positives in every situation. She has really impressed me with her effort with her handwriting and her constant strive to do her best. Well done Emma Kate!

      6O - Samantha Davison

      Samantha blew me away with her dedication to learning during isolation. She made sure that she was online every day at the right time and completed every piece of work to the best of her ability, always contributing to class discussion and answering questions in the chat. Well done for continued great effort Samantha! It has been a pleasure to teach you online.

      6T - Amelia Parsons

      6T's pupil of the month is Amelia Parsons because since joining our school she has strived to produce work of a high standard and gives 100% in everything that she does. She has an excellent work ethic and is a good role model to all of her classmates. She contributes to class discussions with confidence and enthusiastically completes every learning challenge that she is given. Keep up the amazing work Amelia!

        Parent Partnership Team

        Published on Tuesday 15 June 2021 by Crook Primary.

        Would you like to be a part of our new Parent Partnership Team?! We are looking for parents from Reception to Year 5 who would like to be involved in school life. Do you have spare time to help organise and run events in school, volunteer and be a bridge for communication between other parents and school?

        If the answer is yes, we want to hear from you!

        Please fill out your details via the following link or click on the link via the school website:

        Entries must be filled in by Friday 25th June.

        Parent Partnership Team

        If you have any questions please email Mrs Nicholson at