Pupil of the Month

Published on Thursday 23 May 2019 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for May 2019.

RR - Rose Colcombe

My pupil of the month goes to the wonderful Rose Colcombe. This little girl is the most delightful child with an excellent attitude towards her learning. All staff in Reception are so proud of the work that Rose has produced, both in lesson time and during free-flow. She is a busy bee, always wanting to do more and she is always keen to improve on her pieces. This last term has seen Rose push herself out of her comfort zone and in turn, she has grown in confidence excelling herself with her phonics and maths. Keep up the fabulous work, Rose!

RS - Finley Baines

Finley has made amazing progress this term. He has blossomed into a bubbly and sociable member of Reception. He always tried his hardest in lessons and is eager to show his amazing work and challenge tasks. We couldn't be prouder of the amazing leaps Finley has made since the beginning of Reception. Well done Finley!

1D - Jia-Jia Yang

Jia-Jia is such a delightful little girl! She is a polite and helpful member of the class. Jia-Jia always gives 100% to every task she is given and her presentation is of the highest standard. She has worked particularly hard to ensure her letters are correctly formed and this is evident in her work. Jia-Jia is proving that she is almost ready for her move to year 2; keep up the hard work!

1L - Joey Crossley

Congratulations Joey on being 1L’s Pupil of the Month. You are a shining example to many with your infectious laugh and wonderful attitude towards your learning. You always try your hardest to complete work on time and to the best of your ability. Keep up the hard work, you are doing so well and I couldn’t be more proud!

1M - Harry Gibson

1M’s Pupil of the Month is awarded to Harry Gibson. Harry has worked incredibly hard this month to improve all aspects of his work. Through his love of learning not only in school but also in his spare time, he has shown great progression and his work is of a fabulous standard. He is a very thoughtful member of 1M and is a really great friend to a lot of people. I’m glad I have had to opportunity to teach Harry this year! Well done Harry. Very well deserved.

2G - Matthew Watts

My pupil of the month this month is awarded to Matthew Watts. Matthew has worked incredibly hard in all areas this month. He is almost ready to start joining his handwriting, and he has demonstrated real resilience when completing his Secret Agent Training (SATs). Matthew is a great role model to have in the classroom and is more than ready for Year 3. Well done Matthew.

2N - Finley Graves

2N's pupil of the month goes to Finley Graves. Finley is now a responsible and sensible member of the class. He loves to take part in class discussions and helps his talk partner where he can. He behaviour inside and outside of the classroom has improved greatly and he is now a pleasure to have in class. Well done Finley and keep up the hard work.

3A - Sophie Newman

This month's Pupil of the Month is Sophie Newman. Sophie consistently shows a positive, hard working attitude to all of her subjects and always strives for 100% effort. She shows exemplary behaviour and is a role model to her peers. She is always eager to help friends and adults and always shows a warm, kind attitude towards others. A wonderfully hard working member of 3A. Keep it up, Sophie!

3F - Alfie Hogarth

This young man has worked so hard with reading and spelling this month. He has put in maximum effort in all aspects of school life. I am so proud! Well done Alfie.

4M - Jacey Coleman

Jacey fully deserves to be 4M's pupil of the month. She has given 100% effort to everything asked of her and her sheer determination to include all aspects of learning in her work shines through. Jacey is the perfect role model to her peers by displaying impeccable behaviour and manners at all times. Keep up the hard work!

4R - Kacey Smith

Kacey has matured a lot during her time in Year 4 and is becoming a mature young lady who is taking responsibility for her learning. She has made a huge amount of progress and is an eager, enthusiastic member of our class. Well done!

5A - Alfie Dobson

Alfie has got his head down and tried really hard this month, particularly at his fractions. He will be the first to admit that he finds math difficult, but he has used strategies to help him with a difficult topic in the subject. Alfie can  entertain the class with his quick wit sometimes, but he also knows when it is time to get to work. Well done!

5T - Rhianne Longmoor

5T’s pupil of the month is Rhianne Longmoor. She has shown great determination to excel in all areas of the curriculum and is an excellent role model to the rest of the class. She is a willing participant in class discussions and always offers to help her classmates. She works well in a team as well as using her own initiative. Keep up the fantastic work, Rhianne.

6H - Kaitlyn Wilson

Class 6H''s pupil of the month is for someone who continually strives to achieve her personal best.  She is never complacent and even if she 'master's' a task she then uses determination and pushes herself further to achieve even more.  Kaitlyn Wilson is a popular and friendly member of our class who quietly works away with a smile on her face. Her confidence throughout the year has continued to increase and she shares information and opinions freely with her peers. I am very proud of how calm and focused she remained in her recent SAT's. Well done Kaitlyn.

6L - Rhys Marley

Rhys has been an absolute superstar this month. Despite it being a very busy and susceptible to change half-term with SATs preparations, Rhys has remained calm and collected throughout. He showed great determination and resilience and had fantastic coping strategies to guide him through the month. Well done Rhys, you are really showing how ready for secondary school you are!! Keep it up!

6O - Leah Nutt

Being thoughtful, hardworking and determined make Leah Nutt a fantastic Year 6 pupil. This young lady is an 'always' person - she always does her best. I think that Leah has a bright future ahead of her in secondary school and beyond due to all of the skills that she has gained and practiced over the course of this year. Well done Leah!

Half term challenge for parents!

Published on Thursday 23 May 2019 by Crook Primary.

What did you used to play at playtimes at school? Can you teach your child the games you used to play so that your child can teach others? Hopefully everyone will learn some new games to play on the field after half term.

Year 6 Leavers Hoodies!

Published on Wednesday 22 May 2019 by Miss Lee.


Leavers hoody orders must be placed and paid for by Friday lunchtime.

No further orders will be placed after this date. Any orders where payment has not been received will also not be placed.

Childs - £12

Small adults - £15.84

Half Term Activities

Published on Wednesday 22 May 2019 by Crook Primary.

Half Term Activities

There are lots of activities for children locally over the half term. Click the link below for a summary of whats available...


Well done to joint winners, 3A & 3F for this weeks best class attendance; 98.3%

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