Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 1 July 2022 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for June 2022.

RF - Noah Agar

Our pupil of the month is Noah Agar. Noah is a delight to have in EYFS and it has been a pleasure to watch his confidence flourish, particularly in whole class discussions this month. He is well mannered at all times and an excellent role model to his peers. Noah has a very caring nature and he always tries his best to please those around him. Due to his hard work and dedication, he has made amazing progress throughout the curriculum. Fantastic work Noah!  

RR - Awes Al Soliman

Pupil of the month in RR is Awes Al Soliman. Since the beginning of this month, Awes has made a huge effort to be more involved in the class. He enjoys exploring our areas and has grown in confidence when sharing his thoughts about his learning with the adults, showcasing excellent emerald power. Awes is really starting to shine now and it has been such a privilege to be a part of his first year at school. He should be extremely proud of himself for how far he has come especially as he continues to work on his ruby power. An excellent month, Awes! Well done!

1M - Brooklyn Wade

1M's Pupil of the Month award goes to Brooklyn Wade. Brooklyn has really impressed Mrs Holden and I this month. He has consistently tried hard to complete his work to the best of his ability and has shone bright with emerald power when things have got a little bit tricky. He is such a wonderful little boy with a great attitude and impeccable manners. Brooklyn increases his diamond power every day, which will be very helpful when he starts his next adventure in Year 2! Well done, Brooklyn! A very well-deserved award! 

1S - Grace Piper

Grace comes to school with a joyous smile, every morning. She has so much gem power that it is difficult to point it down to one. Her resilience releases emerald power, her independent work shines with diamond power, she is permanently focused, showing sapphire power and always concerned for friends who may be struggling, giving out ruby power. All in all, Grace is a great all rounder who is a credit to the year group.

2AD - Ava Morgan

We are so proud of Ava's attitude at school. This month she has been showing so much sapphire power and always being ready to listen and learn no matter what subject we are doing. She has also this month tried very hard to give absolutely everything a go; no matter how difficult it is or how nervous she has felt which has been amazing emerald power. We have also noticed Ava saying some lovely, supportive comments to her peers and showing caring ruby power. What a wonderful attitude you have at school, Ava. Keep it up! Well done!

2B - Archie Spencer

Archie is a star pupil in so many ways and has been a fantastic member of 2B this year! His Ruby Power is phenomenal and he sets such a great example for those around him - I can always rely on Archie to show kindness and compassion to his peers in a time of need. Archie has also been working on his Sapphire Power recently and has made progress in managing his distractions, allowing him to focus on doing his work to his best ability. I have loved having Archie in the classroom and his next teacher is so lucky to be welcoming him! Good luck in Y3 Archie and keep it up!

3D - Mia Gibson

Mia is an absolute SUPERSTAR in all that she does! She deserves the biggest recognition for her kindness to others, not only outside when playing, but also to her peers in the classroom. Mia puts 110% effort into all that she does, and understands that we learn from mistakes. She displays all of the GEM Powers consistently, ensuring that she controls distractions, solves problems and has a go, as well as being an independent learner. Well done Mia! 

3P - Jenson Robson-Kelly

Jenson deserves pupil of the month for his sheer determination and perseverance to overcome barriers to his learning.  He has faced his fears head on and absolutely shines with emerald power.  Jenson consistently applies himself in class and he has been using lots of his metacognition strategies to help him with his learning.  The positive attitude he has towards his learning is really helping Jenson progress in subjects that he hasn't always found come easily to him.  Keep shining with all your gem powers Jenson.  Well Done!

4G - Jessica Tingle

My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Jessica. Jessica always behaves sensibly and is a great role model to have in the classroom. She puts 100% effort into her learning, making sure that she presents her work correctly and produces work of high quality. Jessica is becoming more confident when participating in lessons and is showing lots of emerald power by doing this. She has not only been a star this month, but she has been a star all year. Well done Jessica! 

4L - Blake Pearson

Blake has had a great month this month. He has stayed focused during all activities and has been contributing to lessons so much more. Blake is really trying to improve his handwriting and doesn't let this slip in any subject. He has written a fantastic story this month and has also tried extremely hard on his assessments. A fantastic way to end the year! Well done Blake!

5A - Joshua Scott

Joshua has had a very good month in June, particularly shining in his writing. He has developed his diamond power and independently uses the skills that he has learned and developed his own ideas when writing a letter and diary entry based on our novels Viking Boy and Beowulf. Joshua has also shown very good emerald power this month, as well as other in months, by always being curious and giving things a go. Well done Joshua.

5MB - Ava Anderson 

Ava is a delight to have in class. She always tries her best and takes great pride in producing beautifully presented pieces of work. Recently, Ava has been challenging herself to take a more active role in lessons by putting up her hand to ask and answer questions and we are so proud of her for this. Ava is kind, helpful and thoughtful. A real role model for others in Year 5. Keep it up Ava - you're a star! 

6O - Jacob Gatens

Jacob has had a great month - he has learned his lines and shown confidence in the play, produced a wonderful piece of written work, and shown excellent learning behaviours. He is an example to all with his attitude to learning and school. His focus has been incredible during all lessons of the day. Well done Jacob!

6T - Chloe Reed

Chloe is 6T's pupil of the month because she has shown great enthusiasm and confidence in developing her role in the Year 6 show. She has also shown lots of resilience in swimming and determination in English to produce a great persuasive brochure for a holiday destination in the Middle East.  Well done Chloe - keep up the amazing work!

    Pupil of the Week

    Published on Friday 24 June 2022 by Crook Primary.

    24 June 2022

    RR Louciena Coleman
    RF Amelia-Rose Johns
    1M Jenson Coleman
    1S Harvey Dixon
    2B Rowan Freeman
    2AD Ana-Lucia Norman
    3P Cameron Evans
    3D Samuel Cummings
    4L Emily Gatens
    4G Harry Gibson
    5A Elijah Blenkinsop-Weston
    5MB Leah Hall
    6O Christy King-Belshaw
    6T Thomas Buliga

      Do you need a nursery place?

      Published on Wednesday 15 June 2022 by Crook Primary.

      If you would like to put your child's name down for September 202

      Jan 2023 or April 2023 please contact Miss Dickinson on 01388 762400, option 1 or email nursery@crookprimaryschool.org.uk

      Do you need a nursery place?

        Pupil of the Week

        Published on Friday 10 June 2022 by Crook Primary.

        10 June 2022

        RR Seth Goundry
        RF Joshua Austin
        1M Alfie Lawson
        1S Olivia Ryan
        2AD Skyla Ladd
        2B Leo Lowes
        3P Theia Allwood
        3D Andrea Watret
        4L Jack Sproat
        4G Dylan Fairgrieve
        5A Saphira Johnston
        5MB Everyone
        6O Sophie Newman
        6T Gabriel Makame

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