Free School Meals

Published on Tuesday 27 October 2020 by Crook Primary.

As children begin their half-term break this week, DCC are supporting families who rely on free school meals.


From Monday, parents and carers whose children are eligible for means-tested free school meals will be able to apply for one £15 voucher per child on the council's website


The launch of the scheme follows last week's House of Commons vote against extending the national school meals scheme to cover school holiday periods.


Learn more about the scheme:

    Pupil of the Month

    Published on Friday 23 October 2020 by Crook Primary.

    Today we announced our pupils of the month for October 2020.

    RF - Sofia Embleton

    Sofia is my pupil of the month for using our new vocabulary in her play. She told me "my giraffe is listening to my instructions, that means telling him what to do" What fantastic vocabulary Sofia! 

    RR - Grace Piper

    My pupil of the month for October goes to the lovely Grace Piper. She is the most delightful little girl with the most exceptional manners. Grace brightens every one's day with her beautiful smile and giggle. She has been working really hard to complete challenges around the unit but she mostly comes alive when playing in the kitchen inside or outside in the mud kitchen. Grace is a very kind and caring little girl and I am excited to see her flourish throughout the year.

    1L - James Penfould

    Congratulations James on being 1L’s Pupil of the Month! You have worked your socks off since the moment you arrived in Year 1 and I could not be more impressed with your attitude for learning. You set an excellent example to all and take everything in your stride. Each Monday, I set the class new challenges and by the end of Tuesday, you’re asking for more. I hope you keep your enthusiasm and appetite for learning and well done James!

    1M - Amelia Kirkbride

    1M’s Pupil of the Month award for October goes to Amelia Kirkbride. Mrs Dodds and I agree that she is an absolute pleasure to have in the classroom. Amelia works incredibly hard and is always ready to contribute to any lesson. She has impeccable manners and is such a good friend to lots of people in Year 1. Amelia is a little ray of sunshine and she thoroughly deserves this fantastic award! Well done Amelia Kirkbride! You are amazing! 

    2B - Alan Robson

    The Star of the Month in 2B for October is Alan Robson. Alan has made so much progress this month and has really impressed me with his practical maths work. His confidence has improved massively and he is not afraid to give things a go. He has been very proactive in speaking to new children and helping out in class wherever he can, he even works to ensure that his peers' manners are as good as his own! Well done Alan!

    2N - Rose Virginia Colcombe

    2N's pupil of the month goes to Rose. Rose began Year 2 as a quiet and shy young lady and over the course of the last month her confidence has flourished. Rose will now read aloud for all the class to hear and has her hand up all the time. Rose is also one of the most pleasant, helpful and well mannered children I have had the pleasure of teaching and I am excited to watch her progress over the year. Well done Rose!

    3D - Jessica Knighton

    Jessica is always eager to share her ideas to the whole class, and always works independently. Jessica is always supportive to others, helping in class and being an excellent friend. 

    3L - Harrison Pollock

    Harrison has an admirable attitude to learning. He is always striving to do better and improves his own work independently by asking for additional work or completing corrections. He has given his own time up to improve his spelling, organising class hive games to help others too. Keep it up Harrison!

    4G - Thomas Watret

    My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Thomas Watret. Thomas has become really focused in lessons. He concentrates on the task set, and he has been working hard to improve his presentation and handwriting. Thomas has started to participate more in lessons, and he always tries which shows his resilience. Thomas is a polite and friendly member of the class, and I am very proud of the progress he is making. Well done Thomas! 

    4MB - Finley Graves

    Finley has a really positive and pro-active approach to learning. He always takes an active role in lessons by answering questions and making links between what he is learning about and what he has learned before. Finley is also very keen to improve and works hard to act on advice that he has been given. All of these great learning attributes make Finley an excellent role model for others in the class. 

    5A - Grace Philipson

    Grace has become a strong member of the class. As the year has progressed, Grace has shone with sapphire power by sharing her ideas and contributing to lessons. This has resulted in an excellent story ending to the novel that we have been reading in class through her written work. Well done Grace

    5H - Daniel Tingle

    Daniel is a wonderful role model in all aspects of school life. He is hard working, kind and always tries his best, no matter the challenge he is facing. He has excelled as a team player during Commando Joe's tasks and has a great positive attitude towards school. I have had several other teachers from school tell me how impressed they have been with him too, which is a wonderful thing to hear. I have no doubt that he will continue to work hard and impress me all year. Well done Daniel.

    6O - Bradley Hodgson

    Bradley is a fantastic member of 6O. He shines with all the gem powers - he is kind and supportive to other members of the class, he always does his best and focuses with his work and he is always willing to give things a go. Bradley is a great friend and is a very trustworthy and mature young man, and I can't wait to see the progress he makes this year due to his fantastic attitude. Well done Bradley!

    6T - Thomas Jackson

    6T's Pupil of the Month award goes to Thomas because he has made a brilliant start to Year 6. He has an excellent work ethic and has shown great determination to improve his learning. He contributes to class discussions and shows confidence and resilience when faced with new concepts. He treats everyone with respect and has provided wonderful support to his peers. Keep up the amazing work Thomas!

      Half Term

      Published on Friday 23 October 2020 by Crook Primary.

      Today we close for a well earned half term break! Please follow the guidance and stay safe. Thank you for your continued support.

        Challenges & Achievements

        Published on Friday 23 October 2020 by Crook Primary.

        October Challenge

        In October every class was set the challenge to get 400 dojos each week in order to get an extra Commando Joes session after half term. Well done to Miss Oxley's class who achieved this.

        Reading Quiz

        The results of our reading quiz are as follows:

        Reception Arthur Hendry
        1 Rowan Freeman
        2 Joe Hird
        3 Noah Embleton
        4 Evie Hodgson
        5 Aaron Mckenna
        6 Emma Frost

        Challenge Star

        This week our President and Vice President set the challenge of having good table manners at lunchtime. The winners from each class are as follows:

        1L Hallie Ashurst
        1M Jude Johnson
        2N Jeson Robson-Kelly
        2B Sophie Umpleby
        3L Grace Tate
        3D Jia Jia Yang
        4G Sophia Tanner
        4MB Elaine Rennie
        5A Krystal Bell
        5H Daniel Tingle
        6O Bradley Hodgson
        6T Kate Scott