Greetings from Africa

Published on Thursday 10 May 2018 by Crook Primary.

This week Mrs Lupton and Miss Bryson have been visiting Mdawi Primary School. We have been staying in the village so we only have internet connection when we go down to the town.

Greetings from Africa

This year we are visiting in the rainy season and it rains a lot. Everywhere is very green and some of the roads are very slippy. The other day our jeep got stuck in the mud and people had to help to dig us out!

Greetings from AfricaGreetings from Africa

Our project has focused on “ This Girl Can.”

Miss Bryson worked with some of our Year 5 girls at Crook and we have brought this work to Mdawi to share with the girls here. They then completed the same work with us which we will bring back to Crook. We had a big assembly at school today where the girls shared the work with the other pupils.

Greetings from Africa

We were delighted to see that one of the teachers Naomi was a pupil at Mdawi when we visited in 2010!

We fly back tonight to Newcastle and will see you all on Monday.