Miss Bryson's Golden Girls

We were 'dying' to try it!

Published on Monday 17 December 2018 by Miss Bryson.

Today we tried two different types of wax-resist; we created one with wax crayons and the other with hot wax.


Using the crayons we created African patterns onto paper, we then brushed over coloured ink, the ink resisted taking hold on to the wax. We then crumpled up our paper and wet it to give it an aged effect.

We then melted wax pellets and used a special wax tool to draw an African image onto fabric, this acted in the same way as the crayon- resisting the ink. We produced a stunning wall-hanging!

We were 'dying' to try it!We were 'dying' to try it!

    We wear our Art-Masks well!

    Published on Monday 19 November 2018 by Miss Bryson.

    Our Year 6 Golden Girls have now completed their masks with the guidance of Year 13 art students from King James Academy.

    We wear our Art-Masks well!

    The next group of girls will focus on African textiles for display in school.

    We wear our Art-Masks well!

      Masking the situation!

      Published on Tuesday 9 October 2018 by Miss Bryson.

      This week we focused on traditional African masks and why they are used in ceremonies.

      Masking the situation!

      We began by looking at a variety of designs and creating our own.

      Masking the situation!

      These designs will be used to create our own 3-D masks; which we will do with confidence!

      Masking the situation!Masking the situation!