A fantastic return for the New Year!

Published on Thursday 10 January 2019 by Miss Adlington.

To kick off our new year, Year 3 began their first ever swimming lessons this week. Everyone did fantastic and showed a lot of courage and fantastic listening skills with the instructors. Keep it up, Year 3!

Another exciting part of our week was going to Newcastle Theatre Royal to see 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. It was wonderful to see all the children so happy and excited, whilst also setting such a good example to one another. Their behaviour was fantastic and smiles were had all round! What a lovely start to a new term.

We started our new topic this week by looking at atlases. We made predictions about what atlases are used for and what our new topic could be if we were to use one as part of it. We explored the atlases and it's features, whilst picking out keywords. It was then revealed what our new topic is: The United Kingdom!

A fantastic return for the New Year!

Just a reminder for swimming and P.E days - swimming kit (towel, swimming cap and costume/trunks) is to be in school for every Tuesday. P.E kit is to be school every Thursday. Thank you.