Astronauts, Space and Weight?

Published on Friday 11 January 2019 by Miss Roberts.

We have had a very busy week. The children have come back to school raring and ready to go and we have made sure that we have had lots planned to keep them going.

In Maths, we have started to look at weight.. We have been weighing how heavy and light different objects are by using a set of scales. It has been fantastic to see the children using the language of heavy, light and balanced and the scales has certainly sparked some curiosity,

Astronauts, Space and Weight?Astronauts, Space and Weight?

We have then moved a long way away from weight, all the way up into space in fact. An astronaut came into school to answer our burning questions and there was lots. The children sat beautifully and put their quiet hands up to ask some tricky questions for example, why did you become an astronaut? Why do you go in rockets? What do you eat?

We are very excited to continue our new topic and we look forward to more questions that the children might have.

Astronauts, Space and Weight?Astronauts, Space and Weight?