Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 11 January 2019 by Crook Primary.

11 January 2019

Pupil of the Week

RR Noah Ross
RS Jack Todd
1L Rosie Davies
1M Niamh Cleary
1D Jessica Tingle
2G Lewis Grey
2N Harry Fairhurst
3A Sophie Newman
3F Elizabeth Norman
4M Laila Hall
4R Jamie- May Patton
5A Adonis Finnigan
5T Jake Parvin
6H Aimee Parker
6L Harry Burn
6O Emily Ramsey

Dojo Champs

R Mia Gibson
1 Leon Vayro
2 Joshua Coleman
3 Sophie Newman
4 Bradley Hodgson/Harry Todd/Taylor Reed
5 Kaitlyn Warriner
6 Megan Watts