KS1 SATs Information for Parents

National curriculum tests (commonly called SATs) are held each year in May. They are a statutory test which schools must carry out. The results are an opportunity to compare children nationally to ensure that we are helping children to master the basics in English and mathematics, and make progress in line with other children nationally. They are also an important tool to help teachers identify children who may need additional support, and make sure this is put in place as early as possible.

KS1 tests can be taken any time during May. The tests will be carried out within the classroom and will be delivered as part of everyday classroom practice. They are not strictly timed and most children will not know they are taking them.

If the class teacher feels a child is unable to access the tests in consultation with the Headteacher/SENCO they will speak directly to the parent to discuss options.

How will I find out what my child’s results are?

You will be given your child’s raw score (the actual number of marks they get), alongside their scaled score and whether they have reached the expected national standard set by the Department for Education in the child's end of year report. The expected standard for each test is a scaled score of 100 or more. If a child is awarded a scaled score of 99 or less they won’t have achieved the expected standard in the test and there would be working below the national expectations of a child aged 7.

The test scores will be combined with the class teacher’s own assessments carried out throughout the year and will be reported as one of two codes:

  • ‘NS’ means that the expected standard was not achieved.
  • ‘AS’ means the expected standard was achieved.

Information for parents 

Throughout the year the year 2 teachers will hold meetings and opportunities to work alongside your child in school to complete SATs style tests. However if you feel you need any further information please do not hesitate to ask. 

The video below gives a full explanation of the tests and what the expectations of the children will be.

KS1 Parent Information Video

KS1 SATs tests taken throughout May 

English Reading Test

Paper One: Short Text and questions (approx. 30 minutes)

Paper Two: Longer text with separate questions

(approx. 30 minutes)

English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test

Paper One: Spelling Test (approx. 15 minutes)

Paper Two: Questions (approx. 20 minutes)


Paper One: Arithmetic Test (approx. 20 minutes)

Paper Two: Reasoning Test (approx. 35 minutes)