What have we been up to in Year 3 this week?

Published on Thursday 14 March 2019 by Miss Adlington.

What a busy week we have had in Year 3. In maths we have been looking at length and measuring in centimeters, millimeters and meters. Everybody made sure they were very precise in their measuring skills and we even converted centimeters into millimeters.

In topic we explored different settlements and understood key words such as; urban, rural, hamlet, village, town and city. We discussed and described what the characteristics and features were of each settlement and identified such settlements in our local area and county.

As well as this, we also revisited local maps and even sketched our own local map whilst analysing the route we take to Crook Library and the route we take to go swimming each week. We plotted the route on our sketched maps of Crook. Super map skills, Year 3!

This week we are taking part in our yearly Mathletics challenge. Lots of tasks have been assigned to the children and the challenge is to see who can earn the most points! The winner will be announced next week. Who will be the Year 3 challenge winner?!

What have we been up to in Year 3 this week?