Robinwood - Day 2

Published on Tuesday 26 March 2019 by Miss Lee.

After a hearty breakfast enjoyed by all, we headed out to begin a jam packed day of more activities. The children had great fun swinging through the trees, solving puzzles and surviving piranhas.

We ended the day with a team challenge in which the children really put the teachers to shame...

They showed off selling skills, drawing skills, great team work skills and fantastic communication skills.

Robinwood - Day 2Robinwood - Day 2

Forest group are such a supportive team of each other. They have attempted all activities with sheer determination, even when some have found it really hard. From the fear of the unknown in the piranha pool, to the fear of heights on the rock climbing wall, the children always have words of wisdom and encouragement for each other resulting in a growth in confidence for all.

Robinwood - Day 2Robinwood - Day 2

Wood group showed great determination when facing Robinwood's greatest challenge - the trapeze. The children didn't show any hesitation when they climbed to the top of the tall tower and launched themselves off, supported by their team mates. Even those who found it difficult at first kept trying and everyone ended up having a fantastic time.

Robinwood - Day 2Robinwood - Day 2

For Hill group the highlight of the day was the giant swing. The children worked really well as a team to hoist each other up into the air, before a fightening drop back down. They also sailed through the trees along th zip line with some children overcoming their fear of heights.