Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 10 May 2019 by Crook Primary.

10 May 2019

Pupil of the Week

RR Bobby Dobson
RS Anya Atkinson
1L Jayden Taylor
1M Chelsea Hodgson
1D Ethan Crawford
2G Brodie Lambert Cousins
2N Ethan Wigham
3A Maya Hope
3F Hollie Poulter
4M James Nicholson
4R Josh Johnson
5A Ava Jones
5T Jake Smith
6H Sam Gent
6L Mia Watson
6O Joe Morris

Challenge Awards

RR Jack Moore
RS Alfie Emmerson
1L Poppy Wallace
1D Leland Emmerson
2G Alfie White
2N Phoebe Lloyd
3A Caleb Glaister
3F Sophie Scott
4M Laila Hall
4R Benjamin Symcox
5A Isobel Micklethwait
5T Cullen Dixon
6H Mia Brookes -Wilson
6L Charlotte Healer
6O Kian Wilkinson

Dojo Champs

R Camerson Evans
1 Jack Sproat
3 Martine Burnside
4 Ellie Varley
5 Lily Whittaker
6 Jack Boughey