Pupil of the Month

Published on Thursday 7 November 2019 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for October 2019.

RR - Scarlett Charles

My pupil of the month goes to the wonderful Scarlett. Scarlett has settled into school life phenomenally well and has shown us all her sparkly personality. She has worked extremely well in Phonics and Maths and has applied herself well to all of her work. Scarlett has been a delight to have in the unit and has shown the children how to take great pride in all that you do. Well done, Scarlett!

RS - Carter French

Carter is one of the most enthusiastic little boys I have ever taught. He also gives 100% across the curriculum and has lovely manners. It has been a pleasure watching Carter settling into Reception, I hope he continues to impress all of the staff. Well done Carter!

1D - Charlie Miller

Charlie is such a delightful member of the class! She is always polite and eager to do well. Charlie is making great progress with her reading. In fact, she has received her first reading book and is working hard to improve. Charlie always joins in with class discussions and makes some thoughtful and interesting contributions. I am thrilled with Charlie's progress already and I am sure she will continue to impress me over the year! Well done Charlie!

1L - Andrea Watret 

Congratulations Andrea for being 1L’s Pupil of the Month! You have been an absolute star with your infectious enthusiasm and eagerness to learn! You love learning and you always put in the extra effort to complete your tasks in the classroom. You take your time and you love to go home and find out new things about what we have been learning. Keep up the wonderful positive attitude Andrea! 

1M - Finlay Craggs

1M’s Pupil of the Month award goes to Finlay Craggs! Finlay began the new academic year by continuously showing me he was ready for year 1 and all of its challenges. His behaviour is exceptional, as is his attitude to all of the tasks he is asked to complete. Finlay is always willing to contribute to lessons and share his great ideas with the rest of the class. Well done Finlay! This is very well deserved! 

2G - Gracie-Lea Henry

My Pupil of the Month this month is awarded to Gracie-Lea Henry. Gracie-Lea is an extremely thoughtful and caring young girl who loves to help others. This year she has demonstrated real resilience when faced with difficult tasks. She is always willing to give things a go and will happily help others when needed. Well done Gracie-Lea! 

2N - Eve Ross

Eve has had a fantastic start to Year 2. She has a wonderful imagination and is a thoughtful writer who considers the vocabulary she uses in her work. She has a good sense of humour and is a wonderful helper and friend to others in the class. Well done Eve.

3A - Seth Longstaff

Seth is a model student in 3A. His thirst for reading and writing has been admirable and his enthusiasm for learning new things has been inspiring for those around him. Keep up your hard working attitude, Seth. Well done. 

3L - Rosie Stobart

This month Rosie has put in so much effort. She is working so hard with her reading and has moved on to Accelerated Reader. It was a pleasure to see how proud she was of herself! She also entered the Mastermind Challenge and produced a fantastic presentation and could openly talk about her answers. She is going above and beyond to make progress. Well done Rosie, keep up the hard work! 

4F - Kesha Barker

Pupil of the month goes to a very determined young lady. She has worked hard this month in all aspects of learning and really challenged herself. She has made a massive improvement in maths particularly with reasoning and problem solving. Well done Kesha Barker, I am so proud!

4R - Rhys Mills

Rhys has completely come out of his shell as we come into the second half term of Year 4. He is actively participating in lessons and sharing his thoughts with the class, as well as eagerly acting on feedback to improve his work. I am very proud of his achievements so far and am confident that this will continue. Well done, Rhys!

5A - Kaycie-Leigh Linley

Kaycie-Leigh has developed into a positive and strong member of 5A. She has gone from a quiet member of the class to someone who puts her hand up and is not afraid to make mistakes. This has had a positive impact on her work as she has made excellent progress across the curriculum over the last month. Well done!

5H - Billy Pears

Billy has really pushed himself to improve his resilience and determination, and as a result is thriving in class. This has resulted in better presentation, deeper thinking and clearer answers. I have been especially impressed with his work in our lessons on ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ and his explanations for his ideas in Maths. He has also been fantastic in all Spanish lessons, working hard on both content and pronunciation. He has shone in music, working hard as part of a group to create an original composition. I am sure that he will continue to show this attitude in all aspects of school. Well done Billy.

6O - Katie Warriner

Katie has had a fantastic month in school. She has shown excellent behaviour and attitude at all times, consistently demonstrating the gem powers we have been focusing on in class. When Katie is faced with a difficult situation, she deals with it maturely and sensibly and remains calm. She is a key member of 6O and a great role model to others.

6T - Lily Whitaker

6T's pupil of the month is Lily Whitaker because she is a shining example to other pupils. She strives to achieve her very best and approaches every learning opportunity with enthusiasm. She doesn't let anything hold her back and shows tremendous resilience. She is helpful to her classmates and adults, and always has a smile to cheer someone up. Keep up the amazing work Lily!