Zimbabwe Update

Published on Wednesday 12 February 2020 by Crook Primary.

Yesterday we spent the whole day at our partner school, Stanley Primary School. We had the opportunity to observe lessons from ECD up to Grade 7. In the ECD class the children took part in a storytelling lesson which was followed by mark making. In Grade 1 we observed children learning about the number 7. Grade 2 showed children taking part in a materials lesson, and in Grade 3 children were learning about time, where children had made their own clock face at home to use in the lessons. It was lovely to see the children engaged in their lessons and enthusiastic to learn. It was also interesting to see how the teachers in Zimbabwe teach each topic, which gave us the opportunity to reflect on our own practice.

Zimbabwe UpdateZimbabwe Update

The children in the older grades presented their learning on our Quality Education project. They showed us the research they had completed on what quality education is, and what the barriers to quality education are. They also shared information from their research on Syrian refugees.

Zimbabwe UpdateZimbabwe Update

Today we presented the work that we have completed during the project, and the impact the

at this has had on ourselves and the learners involved. Present at the presentation were directors of education in Zimbabwe, directors of the British Council in Zimbabwe, the inspectors of education, head teachers from the district, and members of staff from our partner schools.