Reception Virtual Tour

Dining Hall

This is the dining hall. We have our dinner in here every day from 11:45. We sit in our year groups and the teachers, play leaders and lunch nannies help us to cut our food up and make sure everything is okay.


This is the gym. We have PE in here once a week with our PE teacher, Mrs Thompson. Most weeks we have a second session of PE as well but we have started following Commando Joe’s this year so we have been doing these sessions in our classroom.

Main Hall

This is the main hall. We have our celebration assemblies in here. Every Wednesday we join Year 1 and Year 2 to celebrate our writing and maths work. Every Friday we join the whole school to celebrate our pupil of the week, pupil of the month and our weekly challenge star. This is also where we act out our performances.

Middle Area

This is the middle area. This is the messy room. In here we can do arts and crafts, play in the water tray, explore the sandpit, create a magical construction or simply delve in to the small world.

Outdoor Area

This is our outdoor area. Only Reception children this area and it is open all day every day. Outside we can rummage through the dinosaur world, cook in the mud kitchen, build in the construction area, perform on the stage or have some quiet time in the house.

Every morning from 9:40 until 11 and then in the afternoon from 1:30 until 2:30 we can explore every area. 

Class RR

This is one of the classrooms. In this classroom we can explore the different areas of provision which are set up and tailored to each days focused learning. In this classroom we can have fun exploring the role play area which changes every half term to reflect our topic and allow deeper learning to take place.

Class RF

This is another classroom. In this classroom you will find more areas of provision to explore including maths, phonics and motor skills. At the back of this classroom you will find Reception’s toilets and sinks.