Published on Tuesday 3 November 2020 by Crook Primary.

Kindness - World Mental Health Day


In RF, the children had a circle time session and read the story "The Colour Monster". They explored the different feelings in the story and talked about what made them sad, angry, happy etc when they are in school. They then talked about the positive and negative behaviours that they should display in school and talked about how to be kind to their friends. Some ideas were "To help them when they are stuck with their work, give them a high five when done good work, play with everyone and help them up if they are hurt". It was great to see all of the children displaying kindness in the unit through their play!

In RR, the children had a circle time session to discuss kindness. The children talked about what the word means and what they can do in Reception to show kindness. The children came up with some wonderful comments. Grace said, "Share other people's things." Olivia H said, "If somebody hurts themself then somebody could pick them up." Alfie L said, "Pass the toys to people." Sophie H said, "Be nice to each other." Autumn-Faith said, "Speak kindly."


Year 1

In 1L, the children learnt about what mental health meant and who they could talk to if they were feeling sad, angry or anxious all of the time. Then they decided to share what their favourite things were about each other and write them on the back of a ‘Mental Health Day’ love heart! Everyone left school knowing how special they were to someone in their class! 

In 1M, the children decided to show kindness by making cards to tell someone why they are so special! It made them all feel very nice!

Year 2

In year 2, the children took part in a discussion about kindness, which Imogen and Millie led. They then created posters and started to create a kindness tree, which they will add to over the year.

Year 3

In 3L, the children made 'kindness' acrostic poems. They thought about how they could show kindness relating to each letter. They had statements such as:
k - kindness goes a long way, kind to others
i - I listen to others,
n - never be selfish, need to be kind,
d - disrupt unkind behaviour, don't be mean,
n - never hurt somebody physically or emotionally,
e - even if you are feeling sad, talk to a friend, it might help
s - show respect, solve other people's problems
s - share with others, show kindness

Year 4

In 4G, the children talked about how they can show kindness, and then created some acrostic poems.

The children in 4MB performed a song about kindness.

Year 5

In 5a, the children discussed how we all have worries in life. They wrote down their own little worries on a leaf. They then discussed how they could support each other through difficult times by showing kindness to each other. They wrote down something kind that they had done or were feeling towards someone on a leaf. They then placed these leaves on a kindness/worry tree that is in their class to remind them that they all have worries and need to be kind to each other. 

The children in 5H created posters to encourage everyone to be kind.

Year 6

The children in 6O worked together to create a presentation to encourage others to show kindness.

Click here to open the presentation.

The children in 6T performed ‘I’ll be there’ by Jess Glynne to promote kindness.