Weekly Awards

Published on Friday 20 November 2020 by Crook Primary.

20 November 2020

Pupil of the Month

RR Skye Johnson
RF Reuben-John Stewart
1M Paul-Junior Quinn
1L Larissa Green
2B Thea Allwood
2N Izzy Storey
3L Charlie Mcintyre
3D Niamh Clarey
4G Ameila Defty-Wallace
4MB Harry Fairhurst
5H Ella Turner
6T Jacey Coleman
6O Samantha Davison

Challenge Star

1M Aiden George
1L Robbie Clarey
2N Theo Brown
2B Teddy Buston
3L Eve Ross
3D Harry Gibson
4MB Ava Anderson
4G Lucy Donaldson
5H Evie Abbott
5A Leah Hardy
6O Symone Meisuria
6T Archie Appleby