Home Learning

Published on Wednesday 13 January 2021 by Miss Dickinson.

We hope you are all receiving our activities daily and are enjoying completing them. Thank you to all parents who have sent us photos/videos/work in via email as we are printing them off and putting them as evidence in the children's learning journals. We are really enjoying seeing all the children complete the activities so please keep the photos/videos coming. Here are some examples of some activities we sent out last week.

One activity was to match patterned socks and talk about the patterns. Both Toby and Harper managed this activity with no problems as did many other children.

Home Learning Home Learning

Another activity was to be able to recognise your name and names of people in your family. Luna made up her own game after recognising all of the names in her family. We also asked you to share a book everyday and let us know your favourite. This is Freddie's!

Home Learning Home Learning

Self help skills are also very important so we challenged you to get yourselves ready and help do some jobs around the house. This was a very popular activity by many. Here is Amelia getting herself ready for her daily exercise! Yoga was our final session on Friday and many of you sent in pictures to show how much you enjoyed it. Here is Connie working really hard to match the screen.

Home Learning Home Learning

Well done to all for working so hard, please keep it up, we love to see what you are all getting up to during these difficult times. If you are having any problems with the activities or want any more information/ideas please get in touch via email- nursery@crookprimaryschool.org.uk