Happy Chinese New Year!

Published on Thursday 11 February 2021 by Miss Roberts.

What a final week this has been!

We stopped off in our final destination for this half term as we landed in China! From tomorrow, Friday 12th February, celebrations will be taking place all over China as they begin the two-week period of New Year celebrations.

To celebrate this time we delved into the traditions of Chinese New Year and have been busy recreating it. The children have made paper lanterns and potions to create dragons. They have recreated the Zodiac race and learned that we are moving into the year of the ox.

We also looked at how they prepare for the new year celebrations - they have to clean and tidy the whole house. That's right, if any boys and girls would like to celebrate the Chinese New Year then you may need to help tidy up first! Once the tidying is complete, the celebrations can begin. We have been blown away by the preparations for the celebrations and I must admit, I am jealous of all the food that has been consumed this week. Some of the children have experienced a delicious banquet (thank you so much to Mrs H, Miss Nicholas and Miss O'Connor) whilst others have been getting their own delights ready including making fortune cookies!

Happy Chinese New Year!Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!Happy Chinese New Year!

Whilst we may be far away in China for our lessons, the weather in England keeps pulling us back. There is nothing better to make us smile than putting a sprinkle of snow over us (okay, maybe a blizzard). It has been so wonderful to see the children out and about enjoying the snow and having a fantastic time.

Happy Chinese New Year!Happy Chinese New Year!

That is the end of this half term and Miss Fox and I want to wish all of you a very restful break. We are extremely grateful for all the time and dedication that you have given to us over the last 6 weeks and we can see how much the children have come along. We are looking forward to starting a brand new topic and a fresh half term in a week's time. Stay safe and see you soon!