Comic Relief 2021

Published on Wednesday 24 March 2021 by Crook Primary.

The children had a fantastic time raising awareness of Comic Relief on Friday 19th March by taking part in a dance marathon and joke-a-thon. We hope you enjoy reading some of the children's favourite jokes.

Comic Relief 2021Comic Relief 2021

What did the traffic light say to the truck?

Look away I'm going to change!


Why did Mrs Nicholson have to wear sunglasses in class?

Because her students are so bright!

Comic Relief 2021Comic Relief 2021

What did the pirates find down the toilet?

The Captain's log.


There was a man and a giraffe who walked into a bar. They had some drinks and got drunk. The giraffe fell over and lay on the floor. The bar manager said "You can't keep this lying here."

The man replied, "It's not a lion, it's a giraffe!"


Have you heard of the man who cut off the left side of his body?


He's all right now!


What's in the sky and made of jelly?

A jellycopter.


Q: What do you call a dinosaur that hides behind a tree?

A: I-think-he-saw-us

Comic Relief 2021Comic Relief 2021

What do you call a Lemur with a carrot in each ear?

Anything you want as he can't hear you.


Why are fish so smart?

Because they live in schools!


Q: Why was the gym closed?

A: Because it wasn't working out!