Pupil of the Month

Published on Friday 28 May 2021 by Crook Primary.

Today we announced our pupils of the month for May 2021.

RF - Brooklyn Wade

My pupil of the month goes to Brooklyn Wade. It has been fantastic to see Brooklyn's confidence flourishing and he is really starting to come out of his shell. It is wonderful that he is beginning to talk more freely with both staff and his peers and this has really helped him develop stronger friendships with his peers. Brooklyn is an absolute pleasure to have in Reception! 

RR - Mason Walton

Pupil of the month in RR goes to Mason Walton. Mason has really blossomed this past month and it has been wonderful to see his personality shining through. Although Mason can sometimes be shy, he has not let this stop him from exploring the unit and finding new friends to play with. Mason has been amazing us with his excellent listening and attention skills and it has been lovely to see him enjoying our latest topic, Mini Beasts. With this Topic, Mason has developed his vocabulary and has thrown himself into group activities. He is one of the first ones to complete our group challenges and has taken great pride in his work. I am so proud of how hard you have worked, Mason! Well done!

1L - Ana-Lucia Norman

Congratulations to Ana-Lucia for being 1L’s Pupil of the Month! Ana-Lucia has shown fantastic progress this month and has started to answer more and more questions during carpet time. She is becoming more confident to participate in lessons and give some of the harder challenges a go. Ana-Lucia’s manners are impeccable and her reading has greatly improved since returning from lockdown. She has developed a love of books and can always be found snuggled up in the reading corner during choosing time.

1M - Holly Symcox

Our ‘Pupil of the Month’ award for May goes to Holly Symcox. Holly is a fantastic member of 1M. She has worked incredibly hard throughout this tricky year. The progress she has shown is fantastic and this can be attributed to her amazing work ethic. Holly gives every task she completes 100% and this truly shows throughout her work. She is incredibly kind and polite to children and adults alike. Holly certainly deserves this award and she should be very proud of all of her achievements. Well done Holly!

2B - Bobby Dobson

Bobby has gone from strength to strength in Y2 and I have noticed a huge improvement in the past month in his confidence in class and his eagerness to write. Bobby has become very daring and creative in his writing and often helps his classmates to write entertaining pieces with the vocabulary that he shares. He shows great resilience in the face of challenges and is a great friend to his peers. Bobby is a pleasure to teach and have in the classroom!

2N - Jack Moore

May's pupil of the month is Jack Moore. Jack has progressed so much over the last year.  Jack works well with all children in the class and he is one of the kindest and most thoughtful children I have had the pleasure of working with. He always contributes to lessons and has gained in confidence. Jack has worked hard to improve his handwriting and shows fantastic resilience in all his learning. Keep up the hard work Jack!

3D - Noah Ballan

Noah is an enthusiastic member of the classroom who is always eager to share his ideas. Though he is new to Crook Primary School, he has made lots of friends and always shows his ruby power. He also takes time to present his work neatly through being focused and having good concentration. Well done Noah!

3L - Grace Tate

Grace is such a little ray of sunshine! She radiates passion and enthusiasm in all that she does and gives everything her all. This half-term she has matured into a wonderful young girl and is such a pleasure to have in class. Grace leads by example and her behaviour is excellent. She has displayed so much sapphire power this half-term with her focus and managing distractions. Well done Grace, keep being a superstar!

4G - Amelia Defty-Wallace

My pupil of the month this month is awarded to Amelia Defty-Wallace. Amelia is a kind, caring and considerate member of 4G. She has beautiful manners and is very respectful towards staff and her peers. Amelia works extremely hard in all areas of the curriculum, and she glistens with all of the gem powers. She is resilient, always gives things a go and concentrates well in the classroom. Amelia is able to solve her own problems and is very independent. She is a pleasure to teach and thoroughly deserves this award. 

4MB - Saphira Johnston

Saphira is a fantastic member of 4MB and is our well deserved pupil of the month! She shows enthusiasm for learning by being curious and having a go, whatever the task or challenge may be, and is making good progress as a result. Saphira is a kind and polite member of 4MB with a great sense of humour. Well done and keep up the hard work!

5A - Chloe Ladd

Consistency is key. Chloe is the poster girl for this and has shown this since returning from lockdown. Chloe always puts 100 per cent into her work and participates in every lesson. Her handwriting is immaculate as she is always practicing and trying to improve. Chloe has some real good information and shares it with other children to support them. Well done Chloe.

5H - Steed Cleary

Steed always really impresses me. He works hard in every lesson and always tries his best. He is self-motivated and works hard to improve. Recently, Steed has started developing his use of editing and checking independently and this is helping to take his work to the next level. He is sensible, kind and a fantastic role model to others in 5H. One of Steed’s biggest strengths is his teamwork skills. He can lead and follow others in group work and this makes him very popular in Commando Joe’s sessions! I am really proud of Steed and his effort and determination. Well done Steed!

6T - Summer Thompson

6T's pupil of the month is Summer because she has shown the strength of her character by being resilient and continuing to give 100% effort with everything that she does. She has supported her peers and her confidence has grown with her contributions to class discussions. She is an enthusiastic member of the class and should be very proud of being this month's star!