Quick! Call the Police!

Published on Friday 2 July 2021 by Miss Roberts.

For our final week learning about 'People Who Help Us' we have focused on the Police.

The Police play such a vital role in our community and it is so important for us to understand that there will always be someone to help us if we need them.

To gain a good understanding of who the police are and what they do, our Reception children became the Police. It was a good job they did because there is a criminal on the loose. A criminal has managed to get into our Reception unit and they have completely destroyed the place!

Quick! Call the Police!Quick! Call the Police!

Fortunately, we have the best detectives in Crook. They called 999 to ask for the Police and the investigations began. The children have done an incredible job with the investigation. They knew it was important to hoard the evidence straight away and they used this to inform their suspicions which they were quick to write up. Following this, they collated all the information they had to write up their very own crime reports.

Quick! Call the Police!Quick! Call the Police!

Quick! Call the Police!Quick! Call the Police!

What a fantastic group of detectives! Well done for working so hard to find the criminal! Will we ever catch them?